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Routine Care

Love, Love, Love my dentist and staff at Madison No Fear Dentistry!! They are simply the best at what they do!! -Kris
Keep your smile healthy and clean with our hygienists’ personal care.   We look forward to seeing you twice a year for regular check-ups.  There are three different types of dental cleanings: prophylaxis (regular cleaning), scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), and full mouth debridement.  At your dental exam, we will evaluate which cleaning is appropriate for you and come up with an individualized treatment plan to fit your needs.  

Our digital x-rays are faster, eco-friendly, and expose you to less radiation while giving us a more accurate picture than ever before.  Dental x-rays have one of the lowest radiation dose exposures in the medical field.  A routine exam including 4 bitewing images is about 0.0025 mSv (millisievert), which is less than one day of natural background radiation.  "Background radiation" is the exposure to radiation from natural sources and cosmic radiation from outer space.  (According to recent estimates, the average person in the U.S. receives an effective does of about 3 mSv per year).  Bitewing x-rays are also about the same amount of radiation exposure as a short airplane flight (1-2 hours).  The full mouth FMX image is 0.0225 mSv which is also a very low level of exposure.  This is why we use digital images on all of our patients! 
Oral Cancer Screening 
This is a complimentary service for all of our patients for early detection and prevention of oral cancer.

Oral Exam 
Your mouth affects the rest of your body.  Have it checked out every 6 months to prevent larger, painful, and expensive dental problems in the future.  Not taking care of your teeth can lead to more than just bad breath. There are links between heart disease, stroke, and more. Bleeding gums, cavities, dry mouth, or fungal infections can clue your dentist to check for more serious systemic problems such as diabetes, HIV, or leukemia.  Read more about the health correlation here

Routine care is essential for the oral health of your entire family.  Our goal is to keep your visits comfortable and educational as prevention is our primary focus.  Watch Dr. Dave Ducommun expand on its importance on the 'Wisconsin Families' segment: