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Words can't even begin to describe the confidence they have given me in my smile. I made one of the best decisions I could have ever made, and that was switching to Madison No Fear Dentistry. -Kourtney
Are you someone who is embarrassed to smile because of missing teeth?  Do you avoid eating foods that are hard to chew or require you to bite into them?  Your teeth were designed to last a lifetime, but we understand that sometimes they don't.  New advances in dental implant technology allow us to help you restore your confidence, improve your appearance, and give you a better quality of life.  Dental implants function just like your natural teeth allowing you to eat your favorite foods, and because they are fixed into place, they can help you avoid potential bone loss problems.  Dental implants are for people of all ages, whether you need to replace a single tooth or several teeth.   

 Many of our patients have been so frustrated with poor fitting dentures that they just avoid eating the foods they enjoy.  Worst of all, they don't even want anyone to see them smile anymore!  When teeth are missing, bone is lost every year. Dental implants are a cavity-free option to preserve bone and restore confidence.

Our titanium implants can permanently replace one or more missing teeth, anchor dentures, or eliminate the need for dentures entirely.  We use the latest in dental implant technology to treat people just like you, who suffer the embarrassment and frustration from tooth loss or false teeth.  In a very short time, you can have that healthy smile of your youth again!  It's time to invest in your health, regain your self-confidence, and start enjoying life once again.   

"I questioned whether or not I should spend this much money on the implants, but these have made an unbelievable difference in the stability of the lower denture. Thanks again!" - Jim M.