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Fix Bad Breath

in a word....OUTSTANDING!! -Gerald

The most common form of bad breath we refer to as "morning breath" is often considered normal and is usually not a health concern.  It typically occurs because your saliva decreases at night while you sleep.  Saliva is essential for keeping your mouth cleansed as it contains proteins and enzymes that help flush away food and bacteria.

Prevention is easy if maintained on a daily basis.  Bad breath can be combated by regular brushing and flossing along with your routine dental visits.  We also encourage drinking plenty of water to promote saliva production.  Any further treatment of bad breath depends on the underlying cause.  In some cases, brushing alone will not cure certain cases of halitosis (bad breath).  Let our trained experts guide you to an individualized recovery plan to help gain your confidence back.

Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth is an ideal breeding ground for poor oral health which can lead to not only bad breath but also cavities and mouth infections.  Medications are the most common cause of dry mouth.  We would be happy to discuss options to treat your dry mouth and to prevent further dental issues.  

Poor Dental Hygiene

Lack of regular brushing and flossing leaves small food particles wedged between the teeth that can collect bacteria and emit chemicals, like hydrogen sulfide -the same compound that gives rotten eggs their characteristic smell. 


Gum disease, a tooth abscess, or even cavities may cause bad breath.  Respiratory tract infection such as throat, sinus, or lung infections may manfest bad breath as a secondary symptom as well as diabetes, liver, kidney, or lung disease.  If you are having any pain or bleeding in your mouth, please contact us immediately so we can help diagnose the issue.     

External Factors

Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and consuming certain foods and/or beverages may contribute or cause your bad breath.