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Best dentist office I've ever been to. They really care about you as a person, not just a patient. This will be my lifelong dentist. - Nichole

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Logan and Hillary are phenomenal. I have recommended family and friends to them specifically! Thank you for the honest, thoughtful, and caring work you provide. Clean, welcoming office with a fantastic staff!I have already recommended this office and specific Dentists to friends and family - Jordan T. 
Jan 28, 2020

Excellent services. I think the Dentists and hygienists are excellent people and Dr.s in everything they provide - Jimmy O
Jan 17, 2020

I always feel SO much less anxiety here. I am absolutely terrified of going to the dentist, but I feel a lot more comfortable working with the staff here than I ever have been anywhere. Kyle was awesome and answered all my questions and then some. Dr. Logan is super friendly and calming to be around. They both were great and even though I have some work to get done, which normally would freak me out, I feel a lot kore relaxed about it because they were able to really explain it to me and come up with a great treatment plan - Whiteny K. 
Jan 18, 2020

Always clean, always comfortable and welcoming.  I have been going to No Fear for two years now and not once have I ever had a negative experience, or even neutral, with a staff member. Every person that works here regardless of their role is professional, courteous, and attentive. Everyone seems to be happy to work there and give excellent service and it's one of the reasons I recommend No Fear to anyone I meet that mentions needing to see a dentist.I will never change my dental office. This is a place that understands how to not only satisfy a customer, but create a loyal customer that never wants to go anywhere else. Dr. Kevin has overseen my dental plan since the day I walked in and he has never failed to deliver exceptional service with the utmost professionalism and expertise - and he also knows how to make a patient laugh and ease any anxiety they might be feeling, which is such a relief at a dental office. Jasmine is also fantastic and anticipates my needs before I even arrive for my cleanings, she follows up on things we chatted about during the last visit without needing to be asked, and she always exudes a positive attitude and good humor. I'm almost annoying about how much I recommend this place but a trustworthy dentist that gets it right every time, that cares for you as a person, that works with you as much as possible for your financial needs, that's hard to find. And most importantly, my dental health has never been better thanks to their care and recommendations. - Brittany H. 
Jan 16, 2020 

they make you feel like you’re family -Anonymous

Jan 9, 2020

I have never been to MNFD without receiving exceptional treatment from a great staff and always friendly. - Jerry S. 

Jan 8, 2020

I appreciate that you build time into the first time appointment to get to know the patient. I felt comfortable with both Dr. Dave and Kyle because of it.  I have never been to a dentist's office before that was so friendly and professional. I didn't feel pressured to buy products or to get procedures done that were not medically necessary. The staff was curious, especially Kyle. He was INCREDIBLY careful while cleaning my teeth. He never once caused me to have any pain, even when flossing. The level of care he uses while working goes above and beyond what I've experienced in most medical situations. Thank you! - Emalie S. 
Dec 31, 2019

 a lovely office with staff who are empathetic and explain things reasonably without sounding condescending. did not judge me for not having been to a dentist in 11 years, just kind of nodded knowingly when i explained that dentistry is expensive and insurance is hard to come by. highly recommend for anyone with any sort of anxiety towards dentistry, or those who just want a really pleasant experience for something that is typically extremely unpleasant. - Kaylee B 

Dec 20, 2019

Everyone was very nice and willing to help me however needed so I was comfortable.  I really liked how they told me the price of the procedure prior to me actually receiving that procedure. The staff kept me informed and helped me make an affordable, appropriate decision regarding my teeth.- Anonymous

Nov 24, 2019

Very nice, caring atmosphere.- Anonymous

Nov 21, 2019

Every place was very nice and properly arranged. The doctor and the assistant and other staffs were all good with me though everyone was busy enough. This dental clinic is very good for all kinds of dental problems. If anyone asks me where to find a good dental care facility I will always refer to go to No fear Dentistry.- Sikha G. 

Nov 19, 2019

I was very impressed with Jasmine, the hygienist! She was very informative and answered all my questions thoroughly. Very good! - Cheryl M. 
Nov 15, 2019

Warm and friendly atmosphere! Very warm and professional.- Camille K. 
Nov 14, 2019

The staff at No Fear Dentistry is always a very professional and kind. They take interest in you as a person, which is very nice and makes you feel appreciated.- Julie A. 

Nov 6, 2019

Dr Kevin and all the employees are very friendly and competent. Have always been treated with friendliness and kindness. I’ve never had any pain with cleanings, cavity repair, or implant surgery.- Gabriele S. 
Nov 2, 2019

I'm very impressed with everything. - Vito M
Oct 31, 2019

Overall an excellent experience considering my visit was due to a toothache. I'm very grateful that everybody I interacted with went above and beyond to get me in asap, make sure I understand everything, and making fast solutions to help me with my pain. I will definitely recommend No Fear to anybody who is looking for a good dental visit. - Kyall B. 
Oct 29, 2019

Everyone always greets with a smile, makes good eye contact in conversation, cares about me outside of my dental health, asks relevant questions. Exceeds my expectations when I get a check up call after procedures, exceeds my expectations not feeling rushed , valuing my concerns no matter how small, checking in regularly on my comfort. 100%! I tell people about it even if they dont ask. ;) Even though I've had so much work done, I would refer this company over and over because of their customer service. - Kathyrn H. 
Oct 25, 2019

For a first visit I felt so comfortable with Everyone. I loved the positive and helpful attitudes.  i was so impressed that I got a tour of the office and where and what everything is. You just get a feeling like you have been going to this office for a long time. - Robert  A. 
Oct 7, 2019

Kyle and Dr. Caitlin were absolutely fantastic. I very much appreciated the fact that they took time to build rapport. I’ve never been so impressed with any sort of medically-related facility. I loved it! - Anne B.

Sept 26, 2019

Danielle and Dr Kevin were exceptional and made me feel at ease. - Karen R. 
Sept 26, 2019

 I feel the dental care I received surpassed any dental care I have received in the last thirty years. No need to elaborate; I would recommend the service to anyone who hinted they were in need of a dentist - Frances N. 
Sept 25, 2019

 My whole dental experience up until coming here was with a single dentist with two hygienists/ dental assistants. So this is a big change for me. It's not that I am uncomfortable with it, it is just there are so many people working there. So far my experiences have been very positive. - Janice K. 
Sept 25, 2019

Dr Kevin is amazing. His staff is great as well. - Tracy L. 
Sept 20, 2019

Everyone there is wonderful! :)  - Margaret M.
Sept 20, 2019

Yes! Thank you so very much for getting my kiddo in and fixing her tooth. Everyone was so wonderful. We appreciate all of you! - Katelyn D. 
Sept 19, 2019

Very nice and clean place. You feel like the people working there really care about their environment and that is refreshing.Everyone treated me so well and very welcoming. I am very happy this is my first experience in the civilian world of dentistry. I was very nervous about it as I have always had the Military take care of my dental care. You guys erased all my concerns and made me feel more aware of my dental health. I appreciate this so much. - Kenneth K. 
Sept 17, 2019

I’ve never experienced the comfort measures you offer in a dentist office and loved the TV screen and headphones as a distraction. Best dental appointment I’ve ever had. - Alysa T
Sept 11, 2019

Love it doesn't smell like "dentist office ""smell when I walked in! - Anonymous 
Sept 10, 2019

We know that we can get the care we need without the use of stuff we don't want inside. You are also great with our children. Thank you! - Rebecca M.
Sept 10, 2019

Y’all are amazing! I actually enjoy coming in even when I’m getting a filling because you know how to make me feel relaxed, the staff is amazing, and y’all go above and beyond. I love Madison No Fear Dentistry!!! - Kayde J. 
Aug 23, 2019

I rarely fill out surveys or rate places but I must make this exception. From the moment I walked in the office and was greeted in the reception area I felt I was in excellent care. Hillary, my hygienist, and Dr Kevin know my dental anxiety issues and make my visits as stress free as possible. Been going there since my long time dentist retired so around 3 years. Thank you! - Debra B. 
Aug 22, 2019

We love No Fear Dentistry...individually and as a family:) Two of my kids joined me in the room during my (wonderful) cleaning. Jasmine found chairs for them and engaged them in friendly conversation...she also cheerfully answered a variety of humourous questions my extremely curious ten-year-old had. We always look forward to any appointments we have with No Fear Dentistry. Thank you!!! -Heather H. 
Aug 22, 2019

I have always HATED going to the dentist but no more! You guys are awesome! My hygienist and Dr. Logan are awesome! - Elizabeth O. 
Aug 17, 2019

Best office, staff, hygienists, dentists in town. I am no longer afraid to go to the dentist. - Traci G. 
Aug 6, 2019

Always friendly, attentive, and courteous staff. Office is always clean and professional. I actually have recommended your office. - Anonymous 
Aug 2, 2019

I always reccomend your office. I love this place. People are friendly. The Drs are knowledgeable and listen to your concerns. I wouldn't go anywhere else. - Emily N. 
July 17, 2019

Kyle was great. He took great care and was very informative. I felt he was really genuine. I have (refferred) many times. The staff is great. The culture u have built reflects in every interaction. - Melissa M.
July 14, 2019

 I’m always happily surprised when the doctor call later on to check in. Just SO nice! - Riley M. 
July 12, 2019

Everyone was extremely friendly. - Michael F. 
July 2, 2019

Jasmine and Kyle were AWESOME. I had SO MUCH anxiety but they made me feel very comfortable. - Megan P. 
June 28, 2019

I’m always happily surprised when the doctor call later on to check in.  Just SO nice! - Riley M. 
June 12, 2019

Nicest service professionals I've met since coming to Madison in 2016 - Bobbi C. 
June 11, 2019

Since I’ve come there, I would never go anywhere else! I always hated going to the dentist, but now I don’t mind. - Dela M. 
May 23, 2019

As someone who used to dread going to the dentist, I can speak authoritatively to how No Fear Dentistry has nailed all of the key things that make me not hate coming to the dentist. No scolding, no pain, great work, friendly service, understanding support, and an office that smells like coffee and bread. - Claudine M.
May 11, 2019

Your staff is so very friendly and professional. They feel like friends, and take such good care of our us!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Barbara 
April 9, 2019

I have severe anxiety about going to the dentist based on a past experience that I had encountered. Lisa made me feel so welcome & was so gentle about everything. She told me everything she was going to do before she did it. I appreciated that. She was absolutely awesome & so personable. Dr. Kevin very much eased any anxiety that I had about any work that was going to be done in the future. He really is the best. Most relatable professional one can ever meet.  Thank you truly Dr. Kevin & Lisa for the amazing ability to make one feel so relaxed in a time of fear.. that’s why you are called no fear!!  - Andrea K 
April 9, 2019

My hygienist was very nice, understanding, and patient with me. It was hard for me to come back to the dentist after many years, and she was fantastic. I'm sorry I don't remember her name, but thank you. - Tom M
March 14, 2019

Everyone is so kind and caring. Really makes me feel like I am important and that everything will be done as well as can be and my input is important too! - Barbara V
March 13, 2019

I came in for an initial consultation and cleaning and this was by far my most pleasant experience at a dental office I’ve ever had! The whole staff was super friendly and helpful, the atmosphere was modern with a positive vibe. The whole process was explained in detail and I felt completely comfortable the whole time (the warm neck pillow and option to listen to music or watch Netflix was a nice touch ) My hygienist and dentist took the time to get to know me and we even joked around a bit. I was asked questions about my dental/smile goals that my past dentist never asked and we went over a step by step plan to reach my goals. For the first time ever I left the dentist without my gums hurting from a cleaning. I would definitely recommend Madison no fear dentistry to everyone I know! - Jessica S
March 13, 2019

My daughter has had several teeth pulled here, and the appointments were overwhelmingly positive and the follow up is amazing - that is what sets NFD apart! -Jennifer M
March 12, 2019

It smelled so good... It always feels good to come to the dentist and it is so easy to talk to everyone... and I love the cookies and coffee for the ride home. Thank you... -Melody K. 
February 22, 2019

Thank you for your concern about my health issue and my hygienist taking the time to verify it was ok to perform the procedure that was planned. - Theodore B. 
February 22, 2019

I have and will continue to recommend Madison No Fear! - Bridget A. 
February 22, 2019

Friendly and comfortable - Anonymous 
February 20, 2019

This is the first dentist I've been excited to go to in my entire life. You guys really take good care of me and I appreciate how informed you are around trauma and in facilitating for people who have experienced it. - Aubrey H.
February 15, 2019

The friendliness and concern are very prominent. Also the understanding of my concern was taken with sincere consideration. Thank you- Elaine M
February 14, 2019

My hygienist is very friendly. I really enjoy visiting with her - Kathy A 
February 8, 2019

I was so scared and everyone was so kind. Thank you! Dr. Bob is great!!!! - Shawna B
February 5, 2019

I have never enjoyed going to the dentist until I switched to No Fear Dental last year. Everyone who works at the office is kind and really cares about you. - Kari P. 
February 2, 2019

My family already visits you. I appreciate all you do and especially the kindness. - Susan S. 
February 2, 2019

everyone is very nice there and always helpful. I have the best experience with no fear then I have ever. I use to really hate/scared on going but not anymore. I full trust them. they very caring at this office. - Tena K 
January 31, 2019

The facility was good in appearance. My hygienist was personable and talked freely. Had a great experience!  I would recommend No Fear Dentistry to others because it's a friendly place and, when further treatment is needed, the doctor is honest about if/when the treatment is necessary. - Anonymous 
January 31, 2019

Love the smell of the fresh-baked bread! I am very grateful for Dr. Caitlin's expertise and practical suggestions. She's thorough, honest, thoughtful, competent and caring. She's gotten me a lot of "extra mileage" on my bridges, instead of recommending unnecessary replacements before they were really needed. I found her when seeking a third opinion for my situation, and never left! - Juliah B. 
January 16, 2018

My hygienist was wonderful! Absolutely! My mom referred me to your office and I would gladly send others to you. - Jasmin M
January 10, 2019

Thank you to my dental hygienist and Dr Bob for easing my anxiety with being at the dentist office. They were both very great. - Luanne K. 
January 9, 2019

My consultation went very well. I appreciate all the information that was transferred. - John K. 
January 4, 2019 

Jasmine was fantastic. I've had many different hygienists/assistants clean my teeth and do periodontal maintenance, and this was the only time it was pain free. She's also delightful, knowledgeable and helpful. Doctor Ducommun is also a breath of fresh air. I am very pleased with No Fear Dentistry! - Alice F. 
December 20, 2018

Great experience as always. Mallory was friendly, warm, competent, and thorough. Dr. Katelynn was also wonderful. Thank you! - Abigail M. 
December 15, 2018

Everything was top notch as usual, very satisfied customer and would not think of looking anywhere else for my dental needs. My sister recommended your office when I moved to town from Wausau area a few years back and I would recommend to friend or family as I have been completely satisfied from Dental work to my sleep apnia (spelling?) device that has saved me from the air machine I was using and did not like at all. All around full service with professionalism and a smile. - Robert K. 
December 8, 2018

Awesome practice! Feels like the future of holistic dentistry. Paige is a fantastic (and thorough) hygienist whom I will be requesting in the future! Keep it up! Love the cookies, but what happened to the bread? - Joshua S
December 8, 2018

I've always hated going to the dentist until I came here. From the time you step foot in till you leave you are treated with superbly. Thank you Dr. Dave and all your staff for a job well done! - Jenny M
Nov 21, 2018

I am extremely happy with the service I received, the office is clean and inviting, and the staff and dental assistant were warm and welcoming. Dr. Logan was friendly and knowledgeable. I felt I received exceptional career. - William H. 

Always a pleasant visit. - William B.
Nov 15, 2018

Always very clean and welcoming. I have never had any staff be unkind, always very welcoming, engage in conversation, make you feel welcome and cared for. I was so pleased at how fast the 6 fillings I needed were done so quickly, painless, and I love how nice they look. Always a good experience, and I hate going in to the dentist.​- Heidi C. 
Nov 8, 2018

Super Dave is the best! We all love no fear dentistry- John T. 
Nov 1, 2018

Staff were friendly and inviting and the cleaning and service was great, including having gifts and T.V. to watch - Hattie L. 
Oct 27, 2018

Greeted right away and promptly processed my paperwork. It was easy.  I loved the tour and I really enjoyed my time there and I generally don't enjoy the dentist. I felt comfortable. - Ethan J. 
Oct 26, 2018

Dr. Caitlin is really great!- Ellen A. 
Sept 13, 2018

I learned a lot on my first visit. Wish I had come to your offices sooner. The bread was deliciuous. - Frances N. 
Sept 6, 2018

I'm a complete wimp and they made me feel very at ease. The only dentist I've ever seen in Madison, and the only one I'll ever see. - Joshua R.
Aug 23, 2018

Great experience! I didn't know going to the dentist could be so pleasant. - Anonymous
June 15, 2018

Very great office and replete with everything a client could want. Very impressive indeed. Everyone who interacted with me were kind, courteous, and efficient in every way imaginable. Honestly best experience I every had in a dentist office and that's coming form me as a medical professional who knows the quality of good service. Not only that but you can have the best equipment in the world but is the people that make the difference and represent high quality.  I have already convinced family and friends that if they don't try your services and facility they are missing out on the best care around. Expertise should be rewarded and I for one have found my home for dentistry in Madison!! - William O.
June 10, 2018

My daughter and I recently attended appts back-to-back, and had wonderful experiences with all providers we saw that day, (and in the past—Jessica, Yvonne, Paige, Dr. Dave). I was so impressed with, and really appreciated, the hygenists’ ability to smoothly navigate building rapport with a young child while providing detailed health info and recommendations to me, as the parent. They also took the time and care to patiently provide age-appropriate explanations for everything in response to kiddo’s multiple questions. And overall, I felt like each staff member provided assistance and care with a high level of knowledge, kindness, respect, and professionalism. - Anonymous
June 8, 2018

Hillary is the best, her customer service is always top notch and is friendly to boot. Not to mention she cleans my teeth really well, is super informative about preventitive oral care! Thank you Hillary!  110% awesome Hillary is top notch. Just told my whole work team about you guys they loved the bread and were astonished at the service and good - Dana O.
June 6, 2018

You guys are running a dental spa. Love the environmental, sustainable focus. The world would be a better place if every organization made the efforts that you do. All aspects of the experience exceeded my expectations. - Marcus M.
June 2, 2018

I liked being shown around and able to see each space and how orderly everything is done. I felt like I mattered and my comfort was above all else and that as a person, my health was considered rather than my money. - Kelsey H.
June 2, 2018

The entire staff was very kind and friendly. The atmosphere was peaceful and inviting. A+++++++++  Everyone went above and beyond with me! A+++++++++ -Jenny R.
May 16, 2018

I've been going to No Fear ever since I moved to Madison in 2010. They are friendly, competent, efficient and always personable. I am a customer forever! - Michael T.
May 9, 2018

Had a new hygienist, Jasmine, and she was very friendly, explained things well. Everyone makes you feel very comfortable, explain your options, friendly and knowledgeable. Always had great care, never any pain, always felt I received good advice with fair prices and upfront knowledge of what my costs might be. - Heidi C.
May 1, 2018

Front desk was genuine, caring and informative. Jasmine and Dr. Kevin were outstanding.  I was quite nervous before the appointment but the whole staff made me calm and I have no doubt the appointment will be the same.  I appreciate the time taken to connect a bit before any work is done. Seeing their smile and feeling their personality goes a long way and developes trust. Best office staff I ever encountered - Kevin P.
April 21, 2018

always good. This is the best dentistry I have ever been too-hands down. Friendly staff, personable dental hygienists and very nice and competent dentists. I am very happy there and so is my family. No fear should be the standard by which other dentistry's should be measured. I am not one to give praise and accolades to undeservedly. I keep it 100. I love that place. - Scott R.
April 16, 2018

Always a great experience!  - Derek A.
April 5, 2018

I had put off dental care for years due to fear/anxiety and lack of financial resources. When I did come into NoFear, I was pretty embarassed about the state of my teeth. No one made me feel bad, and everyone reassured me and tried to make me comfortable. Jasmine was particularly great - she explained everything well, answered all my questions, and really put me at ease. I wish I would have found NoFear sooner! - Daniel K.
April 4, 2018

Always smells so good! Lisa is a rockstar! I feel like part of the No Fear family every time I come in for my appointment. Dr. Caitlin is caring and knowledgeable, and top of the line! - Samantha H.
March 31, 2018

I was terrified when I got there. And before I got there..but (I think her name was Jasmine) was awesome and sweet and made me feel super comfortable. The dentist was also equally nice and straightforward which I appreciated. Everyone was very kind and welcoming. - Staci T.
March 24, 2018

The work that was done during this appointment is what started my fear when I was a child. I was treated with lots of patience and respect. I will definitely less fears in the future due to the positive experience I had yesterday. - Jennifer D.
March 24, 2018

No Fear is a quality dental office with very professional employees. I had a tooth that broke on Thursday night. I contacted Dr. Kevin and he called me back within three minutes. He was able to get me in right away on Monday morning. I will have my new crown by next week. Now that’s what I call EXCELLENT customer service. :)  Dr. Ducommun checked in with me Monday evening to make sure that I wasnt having any problems with the tooth that was worked on - again, EXCEPTIONAL service! Thank you!  Absolutely!! This is the BEST dental office our family has ever experienced. We’ve lived in California, Texas and Wisconsin, so I know this from experience. In the Madison area we have been to over five different dental offices and this, by far, has been the best experience one could ask for. Thank you to all of the employees at Madison”s No Fear Dental office - you go above and beyond with your exceptional services. :) - Kim S.
March 14, 2018

 I love this office and have had many excellent experiences over the past two years. - Rachel B.
March 10, 2018

They were exceptional in showing me around and had simple explanations which made me feel at ease.  I will be calling for further plans regarding my tooth in question, now that I have decided on extraction. Very friendly and patient staff, both technician and dentist. I like that I can have Nitrous oxide during a procedure - Brita S.
March 9, 2018

Amazing Dental office. Very clean and comfortable. Nice extra touches (coffee, bread machine for fresh baked bread) All staff are kind, respectful and professional. Very helpful with insurance questions. Always have a great experience when I come to the office. Mike does an amazing job cleaning my teeth. Easy to talk with. Dr. Dave puts me at ease and provides me with great advice for future dental work that I may need. Absolutely!!! The technology advancements that are in the office are above and beyond. Had a full set of X-rays and the handheld unit that was used was exceptional. Very comfortable when having x-rays. Nice extra touches (neck wraps, soft table pads) that are offered when having work done.  - Lisa S.
March 7, 2018

I am always acknowledged when I walk in the door with a greeting and a smiling face. Puts me at ease right away. I have already recommended to a friend and she started coming here. - Pamela S.
March 6, 2018

My grandson, Carter age 8, has a lot of anxiety and he’s terrified of doctors/dentists. When the hygienist asked him if he had any questions at the end of his appointment he said “I just want to say you did a really good job and it was relaxing for me” Amazing!
March 1, 2018

I've had several bad experiences at the dentist and always dread it. Everyone here is so friendly, informative, and non judgemental. I always walk out happy and thankful for a great experience. I always recommend No Fear anytime anyone asks about a new dentist and the people that have come are always so happy they did. - Kimberly K.
March 1, 2018

I so appreciate your willingness to work with my husband who has Alzheimer's and the compassion shown him! The only place in the area that does safe removal of mercury fillings. - Corrine M
Feb 28, 2018

The office was very comfortable and helped ease my anxiety. It was so great to see everything so organized and clean...and the extra things (the smell of cookies and baking bread to being able to listen to Pandora) all made the visit fantastic. Everyone I have met has been so kind and welcoming. In my multiple visits I have had a chance to talk to Dr Ducommun, Dr Kudlata and Dr Holsen and each was fantastic in easing my anxiety and explaining all my options for treatment. In addition, I also had the chance to work with Jasmine as she did my new patient consultation. She was great...taking the time to make sure I was doing okay and that I understood my different options. I had a couple of recent visits and they have all been fantastic.  - David N.
Feb 28, 2018

Everyone is friendly, and you are made to feel as comfortable as possible. - LaVerne B
Feb 27, 2018

Very pleased with the experience - Robery F
Feb 27, 2018

Talk about luxury. I was really nervous but the staff there is so friendly and it’s so peaceful that it really made it easy to be calm and talk with them. Great relaxed environment, friendly staff, with offers of heated neck pillows, soft chairs, and tvs on the ceiling. I’ll be making my husband an appointment very soon and my friend says she wants to try them as well - Ema
Feb 8, 2018

Yvonne was so wonderful! First time I've met her, and I really liked her. She was friendly, courteous, and very informative. She explained more than I usually get from hygienists (e.g., used a mirror to show me the coloring on my gums, used clinical terms and treated me like an expert, explained details of what we were seeing in my x-rays). - Makenzie B.
Feb 8, 2018

I was running late, so I was speeding while driving to my appointment. I ended up getting pulled over, so then I was REALLY late to my appointment. However, the staff was still very friendly and forgiving! I really appreciate that they did everything they could despite the time constraints that I created. Thank you so much! You all do great work! You have top of the line equipment, and you do a great job at cleaning my teeth and any other services I've needed. - Jessica J.
Jan 21, 2018

Dr. Ducommmun was exceptional at listening to me patiently. In addition, he took the time to get to know me as a person, not just as a person with dental needs. The exceptional attention and service provided by the dentist and the staff make it easy to recommend this practice to a friend. In addition, it is clear that Dr. Ducommun has an exceptional level of knowledge and expertise so I would want to support my family and friends in accessing his skills. - Linda N.
Jan 20, 2018

Jessica is awesome! I love that I always have the same hygienist and she always remembers me!Absolutely! I always tell people about the bread machine and how the dentist calls me personally to check on me after any procedures! Also the neck wraps!! - Jacqueline W.
Jan 20, 2018

 Amazing! I was blown away! Seriously a life changing experience. I am so grateful! - Courtney W.
Jan 20, 2018

I sincerely look forward to going to your business. As stated in the Survey: Exceptional service, your fun & sincere attitude and follow up. You Rock and are talked up by myself and Makayla all the time! - Shawn F.
Jan 18, 2018

We always recommend No Fear Dentistry to everyone we know. - Greg V.
Jan 18, 2018

Thank you to all the MNFD Team! You have taken great care of me over the years! - David S.
Jan 17, 2018

The entire staff is ALWAYS so nice and helpful! Very nice as always! - Brian K.
Jan 17, 2018

Great service, thanks for putting up with anxieties!! - Pamela S.
Jan 3, 2018

Lots of magazine choices and smelled wonderful! Nice to get a tour since I’d never been there before. Cookies are a nice touch. You were able to get me in quickly and appointment went very well. - Hope R.
Dec 29, 2017

Everyone was very friendly and positive. I was very anxious and nervous before I arrived but the staff and my hygenist, Jasmine were very calming and professional.  I don't have the best teeth, but Dr Tim and Jasmine were not judgemental. Rather, together with my input we planned a course of action that made me feel good about my visit and hopeful about future results. - Glenn V.
Dec 22, 2017

Very clean and comfortable. The staff here always has a smile. Can’t say enough about No Fear Dentistry. Wish they were around 30 years ago. - Joseph B.
Dec 14, 2017

Everything met or exceeded expectations. - Scott R
Dec 13, 2017

As always. keep up the top notch service. - Scott B.
Dec 12, 2017

Super clean. Chair for the visit was awesome! Hilary was amazing!! So thrilled to have her for my hygienist. Carly was also fantastic in setting up my appointment on the phone and Bobby handled my check-in very promptly.  In so glad I chose you guys for my dental work. I have never had so much focus spent on small details before at the dentist's office. I feel like you're really here to make sure that I'm happy and getting exactly what I want! - Lindsey K.
Dec 11, 2017

I was also very happy and surprised with the call to home from Dr. Bob.  Unfortunately, almost everyone lives out of town, mostly far away. But i speak positively of you whenever I can with my few local friends. - Susan K.
Dec 6, 2017

Hilary is a class A professional! - Richard C.
Dec 1, 2017

Everyone is super friendly and nice.- Carol B. 
I pass a lot of dentist offices on my 1/2 hour trip from Cottage Grove to No Fear Dentistry. The reason I pass them all by is because I wouldn't go any other place. Love No Fear Dentistry, especially Dr Dave and his whole crew and everyone in the building. Hard to get my friends to pass all those dentists to go to the west side of town but I try all the time. They don't know what they are missing!
Dec 1, 2017

My hygienist is amazing.dhe does a lovely job and is very friendly! Love the place! - Dana O.
Dec 1, 2017

Great staff! Friendly, courteous, professional. Prompt with getting my question answered on a mouth guard and great information with regard to teeth whitening options. - Deborah B.
Nov 21, 2017

Best of the best! - Carissa B.
Nov 18, 2017

No Fear Dentistry cares about me as a patient - thank you! - David S.
Nov 11, 2017

I have recommended your practice in the past, and will continue to do so. I would do so even without the bonus - Casey B.
Nov 8, 2017

Even though I was 8 minutes late they did not hold it against me! Can't complain about a single thing. - Kelly D.
Nov 7, 2017

I just cannot say enough positive things. Great service, such wonderful staff, and really DOES take the fear out of the dentist. I am just so thankful I found you guys! Always appreciate it. I recommend to everyone!!! - Angela J.
Nov 4, 2017

Love the coffee and treats, toys for the kids! Most welcoming waiting room I've ever been in! - Camille S.
Oct 30, 2017

Great staff that make you feel welcome and answer any questions/concerns you have. I like the apples, cookies and lip balm that make your office very special!!! - Robert L.
Oct 29, 2017

The overall care that was provided was to my liking. Everyone was kind, and patient. - Amanda H.
Oct 25, 2017

I just love coming here. I always feel so welcomed. A very cheerful environment. I always get a personal phone call from the dentist that I saw that day asking how I am doing. Above and beyond expectations - Vanessa W.
Oct 25, 2017

Clean, friendly. I was able to have a blanket since I dressed for warmer weather, and it wasn't quite warm yet. Great employees! They discussed concerns I had at the last appointment to follow up. We all made a plan that is good for me. - Kristine C.  
Oct 24, 2017

Jessica is the best! - Mary K.
Oct 19, 2017

It takes me almost an hour to travel to appointments at Madison No Fear Dentistry, but I feel it is well worth the trip. When dentistry comes up in conversation, I let anyone interested know they should consider visiting your facility - Alissa R.
Oct 19, 2017

The energy is very calming which is exactly why I come there. Staff is tuned in to my anxiety and goes at a pace that I am comfortable with. I've seen several different people at the office and they all take their cues from me and never do anything unless I'm ok with it and they are patient when I'm apprehensive which is very helpful.  Everyone I have seen there has been very kind and given off a vibe of caring. I truly appreciate that. In the past I have dreaded going to the dentist and I've seen a few in the Madison area over the past 40 years. I am finally able to feel relief instead of fear when I know I have an appointment coming up because I know the staff will take care of me and not rush me or hurt me.  After years of fearing the dentist and hearing others' stories of being afraid as well, I was intrigued by No Fear Dentistry when it moved to town. The last dentist I went to was on my Father's recommendation, he has been seeing him for almost 40 years and loves him. He was definitely not the one for me so when I had a filling fall out I decided to give No Fear Dentistry a try. I was amazed at how gentle and kind ALL the staff are which alleviated some of my anxiety. I highly recommend you when I talk to others about dentists. - Lee S.
Oct 18, 2017

Jessica is always so kind, attentive. Very clean, comfortable, good location. People are all very friendly, great reminders of upcoming visits. Never had any discomfort and always offered things to make my visit more pleasant. - Heidi C.
Oct 17, 2017

Always a pleasant atmosphere and it smelled really good in there! - Scott S.
Oct 17, 2017

The bread is a fantastic idea - Cory H.
Oct 16, 2017

I've been going there for several years and every one is wonderful! I even recommend them to 2 people and they go there now.  Every one is extremely nice!  THEY ARE THE VERY BEST!!! - Anonymous
Sept 19, 2017

Both cleanings I have had been great, my teeth have never looked cleaner. My teeth by far have not looked better or whiter prior to this cleaning. Very good dental cleanings, great staff. Fixed an issue I had with a tooth that no dentist had seemed to notice before (which the hygienist caught before the dentist saw me). Despite telling dentists/hygienists in the past to be careful with this tooth, none seemed to point out how swollen the gums were in that area. - Brandy H.
Aug 29, 2017

Pleasant comfortable office environment. I like it. I have for several years. That is why my family and I are repeat customers. No fear is the best dentistry office I have ever gone too. For real. - Scott R.
Aug 29, 2017

I love everything about the office and all of the staff are super friendly, helpful, and informative. I'm always laughing during my appointments (no gas necessary)! I learn something new every time too and who doesn't like a cookie afterwards? There are so many details that have been well thought out that I couldn't list them all but they're definitely noticed. - Jennifer M.
Aug 22, 2017

I have never experienced such a great environment for dentistry in the regard of helping people get back on track with their dental hygiene and helping struggling people like myself see light at the end of the tunnel with the revival of my oral health. I thought I would loose all my teeth and I was hopeless for my teeth but No Fear Dentistry gave me another shot and were very understanding with my oral health needs and guided me to a way better mouth of pearls. I have never been treated with so much respect and love, extreme care. I would recommend No Fear Dentistry to anyone I know absolutely. Thank you hygenists, dentists, office people. You brought my smile back to life and warmly invited me into your care. - Trevor F.
Aug 21, 2017

Your staff is always very concerned, professional and very skilled. - Terry B.
Aug 5, 2017

My hygienist was awesome! So happy we found you guys! - Amy E.
Aug 2, 2017

Lisa is always a pleasure. - Thomas B.
July 29, 2017

Super nice people here. Just awesome - Anonymous
July 27, 2017

Consistently excellent every time I have been at NFD - Geoffrey H.
July 26, 2017

Lana and Kevin are always friendly, courteous, and show genuine care. - Joshua H.
I would recommend your office to family and friends (and have) due to the level of service I receive. Your office goes far above and beyond other dental offices I have experienced.
June 29, 2017

I really liked the dental hygienist and dentst. MADE ME COMFORTABLE FROM THE START. THANK YOU! - Suzanne H.
June 26, 2017

He had such a great experience, and talked about it the rest of the day. He loved bragging to people about going to the dentist and asked if he can come back again! - Kaden T.
June 24, 2017

Thank you for the time spent making sure that my anxiety was minimized. I appreciated that Jasmine and Dr. Keven really seemed interested in getting to know me, and how we can work out a plan that will best suit me but also get the work done that is needed. - Danya T.
June 24, 2017

Love the smell of fresh baked cookies! Your service is top-of the-line: Your staff is always friendly, your offices are always clean, and you use the latest and best technology to provide the best care for your patients. - Jessica J.
June 22, 2017

Lisa is the BEST hygienist!! She is the first to make me comfortable going to the dentist in 53 years!!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!!! - Annette O.
June 14, 2017

I'd forgotten a diaper in the car, and the staff kindly gave me one for a dirty diaper emergency :) Above and beyond, thanks!! - Meggan K.
June 13, 2017

Love the kids corner and the cookies!!! - Cassandra
June 9, 2017

Erin greets me by name every time, which is pretty impressive. There weren't any "costumes" this time, but I've enjoyed the holiday hats and other decorative bits the front office staff sometimes wear, mostly because the ones who do it seem to be doing it for their own amusement and the others aren't pressured to join in. They're so good at their jobs, they're still Professional even with glittery shamrock hats on.  The hygienist was running a bit behind schedule but I was informed of that before I started to wonder when I would be called, appropriate apologies were given, and -- especially impressive -- she never gave me even a hint of a feeling that she was rushing or feeling time pressure. She gave me advice and answered my questions in detail, when she could have given much shorter answers. And somehow managed to make up those few minutes and be on time for the next patient!
I'm a "white knuckle" patient because of past experiences with other dentists, and the hygienist dealt with that pragmatically -- asked me "how are you doing?" or "are you okay?" at exactly the right moments (I was fine) and didn't make a fuss. That's the perfect attitude as far as I'm concerned.  Everyone treats me like a human being but isn't intrusive about it. I feel that I can offer as many *or as few* personal details as I want to, and (very unusual!) the hygienists and doctors offer personal details about themselves. Most "friendly" offices actually demand that the patient/customer instantly treat them as if they were intimate friends but guard their own privacy with vigilance. You folks seem to realize that a real friendship -- even a professional one -- is a two-way thing that has to grow over time. That's true respect! And comes across as sincere rather than a Company Policy. - Sarah C.
June 8, 2017

Hillary was phenomenal! I appreciated her patience - as I am not very good with the entire cleaning/exam process. - Taylor
June 7, 2017

This is one of the first times at a dentist office (or healthcare related office in general) where I felt acknowledged as a human being instead of another task to get through before the employees could go home for the day. As someone who works a service job I felt service was exceptional and I was very happy that they shared information with me and often asked if I had questions. As someone who wants to be an active decision maker in their healthcare i really appreciated this aspect. Also, kudos to reception for being able to promptly answer a follow up question I had very promptly. - Christopher
June 7, 2017

Dr. Ducommun returned my call during a holiday weekend concerning a needed root canal. His returning my call really helped me calm down. Dr.Kublata was incredibly comforting during said root canal, always explaining everything and everyone is always concerned about my comfort and pain level. - Brie A.
June 5, 2017

I have never in my life have had a good experience at a dentist office until I visited this office nor have I ever trusted a dentist before until I meet Doctor Ducommun - Patricia K.
June 1, 2017

By far the best dentist I've ever been to. Every employee (from the front desk, to the hygienists, to the doctor, to the checkout desk) was extremely friendly and helpful. I'll tell everyone about this place! - Aaron S.
June 1, 2017

I have been very pleased with the level of service I have received so far at Madison No Fear Dentistry! Everyone is very friendly and curtious, and the staff always asks me questions about my life at home, or vacations that I might be taking. It makes me feel like they are more interested in me as a person, not just another client that they want to get in and out of their chair! I have only been a patient here for a short time so far, but I would recommend Madison No Fear Dentistry to all my family and friends!! - Anonymous
May 31, 2017

My technician, Lana, is both very competent and very personable. She is an exceptional representative for the dental office and provides the kind of atmosphere that keeps customers coming back. - Richard F.
May 28, 2017

Stacy and Dr. Dave were excellent as usual!Keep up the great work! - Richard B.
May 25, 2017

I am a #1 fearful patient. When I entered the environment I could feel myself relax: serenity and delicious smells of bread and cookies.  I was a first time patient and Lisa gave me a tour, that included the high tech and "green" emphasis of the office. The fun painting on the walls done by the staff were delightful. - Sharon G.
May 25, 2017

Everyone is always very efficient and professional! - Sharon S.
May 23, 2017

Exceptionally pleasant and stress free, considering it is "the dentist!" :) - Nina D.
May 19, 2017

Jessica, the DH was awesome, she made me feel relaxed and at ease! - Jennifer G.
My family knows how much I loath the dentist, so when they heard me say I was coming back to get my cavities filled, they were pretty impressed, lol
May, 18, 2017

 Everyone is always extremely friendly and very accommodating. - Alicia C.
May 15, 2017 

What a great place would high recommend. To family and friend office staff the most friendly and caring staff. The person who cleaned mt teeth was great very informant about the ingredient in the clean. Very friendly and welcoming. - Milene D.
May 13, 2017

 I'm telling everyone about my experience, I had no idea a trip to the dentist could feel so 'good'! - Carmen Z.
May 12, 2017

You have a great staff! - Mary B.
I always feel very welcome and comfortable in your office. Your staff is so friendly, the waiting room is very comfortable and I am never kept waiting more than a couple of minutes. When I have a few minutes to wait, it is because I am a little early.  I always enjoy visiting with Jess and Dr. Dave! Maybe I could just hang out there, dust a little, serve some tea and cookies??? Or, maybe not?
May 9, 2017

The hygienist provided useful fact about teeth and tooth care that I needed and didn't know about previously. He also connected me with a dentist who was willing to consider my request to even out my front teeth.  I like the modern equipment and the friendly patient service. It's obvious the whole staff is on board with treating patients with respect and hospitality. This is very important to me. It builds trust. Also, it seems as though you are successful at attracting, hiring and training skillful, knowledgeable staff. Way to go! - Anonymous
May 7, 2015

Beat experience ever with my daughter! The front office staff was awesome! Hillary the hygentist was perfection! Again I can't say thank you enough! - Brytnee P.
May 5, 2017

Waiting room smelled like a bakery! Would especially recommend to family/friends that are not keen on dentists or have had bad experiences. - Anonymous
May 5, 2017

Lacey was fantastic with my son, a 4yr old nonverbal autistic child. She talked to him, was patient with him, and made the experience positive and non frightening. The team member shadowing her also did a great job and was very courteous. Dr. Ducommon was also great. He was clear and direct which was much appreciated. Thank you! - Wyatt M.
May 5, 2017

I might be moving but if I'm close though I might come back to get my dental care here! I love you guys so much! Already have recommended you all to many many friends!!  - Claire T.
May 5, 2017

I feel like a top priority EVERY time I come in for an appointment. This is a one of a kind facility and I highly recommend this place for top dental care! I am even "pampered" by getting a warm towel wrap while getting my teeth cleaned! Keep up this great work everyone! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly! - Katy S.
May 2, 2017

Absolutely love coming there. You all do such a good job. - Joseph B. 
April 27, 2017

Exceptional care as always. - Vanessa W. 
April 26, 2017

I've never had an issue since coming to this office. I especially enjoyed the hand massage during my appointment. My dental health has significantly improved and I make more of an effort to keep it healthy. My dentist/dental assistant are an amazing team, and I'll do what I can to keep them, even driving the 1 1/2 to see them! - Danielle B
April 25, 2017

Always good. - Sue H.
April 21, 2017

NoFear is Best in Madison for one simple reason... they are the best. - Michael T.
April 19, 2017

Best dental experience i have ever had and I have really bad teeth and have seen many dentists - Edward M.
April 16, 2017

Your staff are excellent. - Robert L.
April 15, 2017

Always a pleasant experience at MNFD. You guys do a great job. Thank you. - Brian M.
April 14, 2017

Jasmin was absolutely fantastic with her personality, making me feel comfortable, customer service, etc... great job! Everyone was very good but Jasmin I would rate exceptional. - Zachary N.
April 14, 2017

This experience of have a tooth extracted was exceptional. I have no pain at all yesterday or today. The skill Dr. Ducommon has is exceptional - Linda W.
April 13, 2017

My technician was very helpful, informed me of every step, and was genuinely caring. I really appreciate her care and attention. Terrific job.  I was very impressed with the service I received, and will definitely recommend this clinic to others. - Amelia M.
April 5, 2017

I would recommend to everyone I know, what an awesome experience! - Kevin H.
April 1, 2017

I was so pleased you were able to squeeze me in with my emergency. Both Caitlyn and my hygienist were so kind and efficient and I very much appreciated that there was no charge for the adjustment to my crown. Thank you! - Jamie G.
March 30, 2017

Thank you for making my crown appointment easy to handle. I appreciate your care. - Nicole F.
March 28, 2017

I always feel taken care of after coming. It's a great calm atmosphere. - Courtney G.
I was called and they squeezed me in right away for a semi dental emergency. They were willing to stay late to take care of it right away. I really appreciated the time they took to see me and make sure I was taken care of.
March 24, 2017

Got in early! Very friendly place. - Bradley P. 
March 24, 2017

 A shout-out to Hillary for making an on-the-spot appointment at the end of her day to accommodate my 3.5 year old daughter for her first cleaning! I was just looking to make an appointment, but since she was with me and Hillary had a spot, she offered to do it. It went so well because Lola had just watched mom get hers cleaned. Hillary could have easily decided her day was over and booked Lola at a later date (and who knows what her mood may have been on another day). Thanks for seizing the opportunity Hillary! - Lola M.
March 23, 2017

Consistently friendly and welcoming staff. Comfortable atmosphere.  This is the first time I actually trust a dentist and her recommendations. I like that this practice is up to date on current technologies. I will be moving in the near future but I will continue as a patient here- it's worth the hour and a half drive. - Debra B.
March 23, 2017

Your office is lovely. - Darlene M.
Lisa the Hygienist is Awesome! We had a great conversation and I learned some interesting information from her. She thoroughly cleaned my teeth and treated me with care. The Doctor was amazingly nice too!
March 22, 2017

You really have staff who are courteous and friendly; no exceptions. They go out of their way to be nice and helpful. Being at your dental clinic is always a pleasant do it right. - Earl K.
March 21, 2017

I am especially grateful for the excellent assistance with insurance navigation. Thank you for the $50 gift.  I've been a steady dental patient for over 60 years and this is the first time I have left an appointment with a smile on my face and a light heart - amazing. You are all very gifted at erasing the fear factor, well named.  No one should have to endure trauma in a dental office when these caring people are in your town. Thank you so very much.  - Patricia L.
March 18, 2017

So great ! Everyone was so friendly ! - Charolette H.
March 17, 2017

I am very happy with the friendliness and warm atmosphere you provide.- Donna S.
March 16, 2017

I love coming to Madison No Fear Dentistry! Everyone is extremely nice and caring! :)  I have already recommended you twice! - Margaret M.
March 15, 2017

Very warm & hospital!  I Loved coming here - Marie R.
March 15, 2017

Friendly and safe atmosphere. Love the warm neck wrap! - Sara B.
March 14, 2017

 I have already recommended your office to multiple friends in the last few days--thanks for your outstanding service!
- Adam L.

March 10, 2017

 Saying that you got a loaf of bread from the dentist is a good attention grabber to get your friends and family interested.
- Philip A.

March 10, 2017

I love that you have rotating art from local artists (or PaintNite creations). Thank you for supporting their work!! Jessica and Dr. Bob were some of the nicest people I've met. It was just all-around an extremely positive experience! It was phenomenal experience from start to finish. I don't have a ton of fear of the dentist, but now I'm looking forward to coming back the dentist! I never thought I'd say that.  I already have! What's not to love? Everyone was so nice and accommodating and comforting. Plus, it's always great to support a business that treats their employees so well.
- Amanda V.

March 9, 2017

Not only do I always get great service here, but more importantly they know what they are doing with insurance. Dental insurance can be so confusing, and they called me prior to my appointment and pointed out things with my insurance provider that I had no idea about and really saved me some time and money. They were more helpful and knowledgable then the insurance company and I really appreciated that they took the time to make me aware of what was going on with my insurance. Let's face it, we all need dental care, but such a big part of that is the cost and insurance and No Fear does such a good job of making sure you are aware of all of the potential costs for any dental needs you may have. - Maria N.
March 7, 2017 via Google

Dude, you guys make cookies and have a fancy Kuerig in the lobby. It's pretty cool. What a great staff. Everyone's so personable and friendly. No haggard or overworked dental hygienists here. I was blown away, especially for a first-time visit. Quick, courteous, pleasant. And free swag, wowie! - Josh H.
Feb 26, 2017

The best dental experience by far. I was thankful for being able to get in right away and the care I received was above and beyond. I will never go anywhere else and have already told my son to start going there. - Kelli Y.
Feb 21, 2017
I felt like I left the office in a good mood. I felt like I was heard and respected. - Hollie S.
Feb 18, 2017

I am very very impressed with the staff. - Casey F.
Brandi at the front desk and Dallas the lady who helped me through everything maybe the best customer service I have experienced anywhere of any type of business.
Feb 18, 2017

I've had severe dental phobia my whole life and some bad experiences led me to avoid the dentist until I had an emergency that needed to be addressed. - Luanne H.
I got worked in (and I wasn't even a patient) and my issue got dealt with and I got on my way to the oral surgeon to take care of my issue. A follow up consultation was made that day before I left. No one made me feel bad or guilty about my neglect and that was my biggest fear. "No judgment" is what I was told and I am for the first time not afraid to go back and will now get my oral health back on track thanks to Madison No Fear Dentistry.
Feb 15, 2017

Lisa is exceptional thank you so much for making me always feel at home and being so professional - Rebekah D.
Feb 14, 2017

Dr. Ducommun is the absolute best in all the land! I'm so appreciative and grateful for his wisdom, kindness, and care! *And I wouldn't be able to survive without my hygienist, JESSICA!! Seriously, she is AMAZING and couldn't be more wonderful - I would die without her!!! Thank you!! - Valerie A.
Feb 9, 2017

Excellent staff experience from the moment I walked in the door. - Joshua R.
They relieved all my fears and were able to get me in without an appointment!!!! Blown away by everything. Bravo!!!! I will recommend your office to everyone I can!!!!
Feb 6, 2017

I love your office in general you guys do a bang up job! - David T.
Feb 3, 2017

My hygienist was the best hygienist I've ever worked with. - Amanda F.
She kept up conversation and had a genuine interest in my answers to her questions. She was very thorough while going through my x-rays and photos. She also did the best cleaning I've ever experienced. She did an incredible job making me comfortable and make it a relaxing and easy experience. I don't plan on going to any other dentist.
Feb 3, 2017

Everything was great..thanks - Don J.
Feb 2, 2017

My hygienist was very friendly and did a great job! - Jessica T.
Jan 30, 2017

I've been telling everyone about this place already! It's so great - Aubrey H.
Everything was amazing. I am SO impressed with the service. It was super clean and high-tech. I loved everything about the office, especially the green initiatives!  I absolutely LOVED my hygienist. Not only did she do an excellent job, she really eased my anxiety. I left feeling like I'd just had some sort of therapy, not dental work!  I love this place SO much. I experienced absolutely no pain and I left more excited to care for my dental health than ever before. They literally made me feel excited about my dental future and made me WANT to take better care of my teeth. Thank you SO much!
Jan 26, 2017

I've been avoiding the dentist for about three years and was dreading what horrible things a dentist might discover. Everyone on your staff is friendly, welcoming and approachable. They all went out of their way to reassure me and make sure I was happy and comfortable. This was, without a doubt, the best dental experience I've ever had, and I'm actually excited to go back for my next appointment! - Matthew P.
Jan 24, 2017

I would never go anywhere else! They make me feel so comfortable that my fear of dentists is slowing easing. - Traci G.
Jan 19, 2017

I just LOVE you guys! And I normally hate going to the dentist. :) - Jennifer V.
Jan 19, 2017

Very satisfied with the service - Mike T.
via Angie's List

Very welcoming staff that made me feel comfortable and treated me like family. - Nate V.
via Angie's List

Well. Informative, thorough, and collaborative. - Chris A.
via Angie's List

Friendly, concerned about the patient and very helpful! - Timothy L.
Jan 12, 2017

I'm very happy with the servic and care I receive at this business. I only wished I had found this place a few years ago already. - Vicki B.
Jan 10, 2017

Very impressed with the facility... very welcoming, clean, comfortable, and most importantly healthy.  - Tammy F.
Jasmine, the hygienist, was very friendly and knowledgable, and I didn't feel judged for not being the most compliant dental visitor. She sort meets you where you are at in your dental journey... The Dentist was exceptional as well.  I have avoided the Dentist for more years than I would like to admit... Moving forward, I have no reservations in returning for treatment and maintenance.
Jan 6, 2017

Best. Dental. Experience. EVER! I had sort of an emergency and these wonderful people got me in the same day, made me feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible. They gained a new patient with me! - Christine K.
Jan 4, 2017

Thank you. You have made going to the dentist a pleasant experience! - Katherine S.
Dec 31, 2016

Easily the best dental experience I've ever had. I've had nothing but negative dental visits at other dentists throughout my life, and believe it our not, this one was pain free and beyond expected professional. Dr. Caitlin Kudlata was attentive to my fears about the procedure, and removed my lower molar with near zero pain. She was informative, and easy to communicate with, and though younger, seemed wise beyond her years as a dentist and person in general. I will definitely return, and can honestly say this is the only positive dental experience I've ever had. I will not have any anxiety what so ever over return to the care of Dr. Kudlata and her professional and personable staff. Speaking of staff, the staff has been excellent in both my initial visit and my visit for my extraction. The hygenists are very personable and listen well. They also explain things thoroughly to help you feel at ease. They offer you headphones, and various relaxation methods, though I just wanted the basic straight forward extraction. I was treated like an an individual patient and not a series of numbers, which goes a long way. I'll definitely return to have future work done by this dentist and her team. If you are anxious, I advised voicing openly and honestly all your concerns to the team and dentist before hand, and you'll likely be made at ease. These people are top of the line! - Eric A.
Dec 30, 2016

Dr Caitlin Kudlata is to this day, the only pain-free, anxiety easing, above expected in professionalism, down to earth and human yet a master in her art and science, Dentist I've ever experienced. I had a low tooth pulled and experienced no pain, and the day after I'm almost pain free and have no concerns. It's even healing back up already. I've had only terrible experiences with dentists in the past. This dentist and her staff and amazing, proficient and overall the best around. I challenge anyone to provide a better experience to an anxious patient with past dental visit traumas plaguing his mind. These people have set my mind at ease and created a new standard for my vision of a good dental visit. I've got no fear n returning to this Dentistry and especially no fear in being seen by Dr. Kulata. Thank you No Fear Dentistry! - Erika A
Dec 24, 2016

Joan Schultz - Very friendly, very proffesional - Joan S.
Dec 23, 2016

Even got a handwritten card after the visit - Anton B.
Dec 23, 2016

When I came in I wasn't a patient. I had an emergency situation and NFD was willing to fit me in to resolve my problem. Good for you! I am not a patient..... service was tremendous compared to my current dentist - John G.
Dec 12, 2016

Jasmine was fantastic! - Jonathan S.
Already explaining to friends/family how friendly everyone is and how great the tech and service was
Dec 8, 2016

I have and will continue to recommend your services. Keep up the good work. Lana is always very friendly and does an excellent job of cleaning my teeth. - Joel M.
Dec 3, 2016

My hygienist was awesome, she was friendly, informative and very caring. - Jerry S. 
We have been coming to MNFD for 4 years now and cannot state a time where we were treated poorly. Your staff is exceptional and we actually look forward to our appointments.
Dec 2, 2016

Jasmine was amazing! I was so nervous about coming in for my cleaning, x-rays, and myofacial pain after nearly 6 years of not visiting a dentist. Both she and Dr. DeGroot took time to get to know me personally and to understand my dental concerns and made me feel like an important client. I was very anxious and was grateful for the nitrous gas option. It made the experience much better than my previous dental exams. They took their time and were thorough and it was a wonderful experience. Can't wait to come back! - Chelsea W.
Dec 2, 2016

You have an awesome office! Hillary was great! - William H.
Nov 19, 2016

Everyone is always really friendly! - Sheba M.
Lana, my hygienist, and Dr. Kevin are both incredibly welcoming, each time greeting me with a genuine smile and care about how I am doing. I appreciate that a lot! They both take into account my preference for using a non-fluoride polish and are sure to accommodate that for me each time I come in! They both make a point to catch up with me and ask about how things are going - it's the little things that mean a lot sometimes! Great staff and a equally high quality of care.
Nov 18, 2016

I brag about you guys every time after I visit. Everyone is friendly, helpful and attentive. The office is clean. Everything about this business is above and beyond - from the friendly, genuine staff to the fresh baked bread! Fantastic. - Tracy S.
Nov 16, 2016

The two nurses who dealt with me could not have been more proffesional or helpful - Michael R.
As a visitor to Madison from England I rang your surgery after suffering a weekend with severe toothache. I rang up at 7.30am to see what your surgery hours where but to my amazement a very friendly receptionist answered my call and gave me an appointment that morning with a dentist. The Dentist, Dr Robert Holsen offered to extract one of the problem teeth at the visit and he then took it out with very little discomfort. Dr RH rang me in the evening to see how I was.
Nov 16, 2016

I love No Fear Dentistry. Staff is very friendly and caring. They make me feel very welcomed. - Emily N.
I can't say enough good things about it. For years and year I hated going to the dentist. I love coming to No Fear. They are so kind and caring. They listen to your concerns and answer any questions. They make you feel comfortable and at ease. I have recommended them to everyone and anyone who is looking for a dentist. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. They are amazing.
Nov 9, 2016

I have been a dental patient for many years at Madison No Fear Dentistry. I have always been treated with respect and great friendliness and warmth. The staff is very knowledgeable and they make me feel like a valued friend. I trust them completely with my dental care. They use all of the latest equipment and comforts (warm neck wraps, music, etc.) to relax me and make me feel comfortable. - Mary B.
Nov 8, 2016

Very well organized and friendly. Truly a new way of dentistry. Two thumbs way way up! - Brent E.
Nov 6, 2016

Great staff from start to finish - Dale V.
Oct 26, 2016

Overall, this was the best experience I have had at a dentist. - Anonymous
Everyone on staff is very friendly and eager to make sure you are comfortable from the time you walk in the door. Lana, the hygienist was so thorough and friendly. Dr. Kevin was exceptional at making me feel like a person and not just a dental problem. He explained all treatment options and gave his professional opinion, but let me choose what I was comfortable with. His assistant Kelly was very friendly and helpful to answer any questions. Looking forward to coming back!
Oct 24, 2016

I'm obviously biased, but this is the best dental office and team in town! - Amanda B.
Oct 14, 2016

I had an excellent experience with No Fear Dentistry. - Benjamin C.
The staff was friendly and helpful and the dentist respected my wishes regarding my future treatment plan. They were very upfront regarding their billing and flexible regarding appointments. My 4 sons were also seen and the staff was excellent with them and went out of their way to make them feel comfortable. We are so thankful to have a dentist we can trust!
Oct 14, 2016

Every person I've ever talked to in the office is so nice & understanding. Dr. Kudlata is the best dentist in the world, she always makes me feel so calm when I'm nervous and she does an excellent job - Katie K.
Oct 12, 2016

Only left with "what if" questions about where I used to go in Wausau, asked hygienist about concern I had with staining on front teeth, which she answered and took care of with cleaning, do not remember "routine cleaning" taking care of this with last dentist I went to. Friendly and professional from time walked in to time I left, can tell people that work there this is not just a job but a profession and something they take pride in doing. - Robert K.
Oct 10, 2016

I loved my hygienist. She is awesome. She was so positive and made me excited to come back next time! - Kyla M.
Awesome staff. My hygienist made me so excited to come back! My gum health had improved so much since a year ago and she was genually excited about it. I can't wait to come back for my next visit and show even more improvement!
Oct 4, 2016

I had not been to the dentist in a very long time, and I was experiencing extreme anxiety. Everyone was so compassionate and patient with me, and their knowledge and professionalisn really helped to ease my mind. Thank you! - Anonymous
Oct 4, 2016

Both of my daughters have seen Dr. Bob- one is 6 years old and the other is 2. He was exceptional with both girls and I couldn't be happier. - Sutton D.
Sept 26, 2016

I will never go to another dentist office. Best dental experience I've ever had - Kim H.
Sept 22, 2016

You're great. Love you guys - Jesse R.
Sept 20, 2016

You guys always take really good care of me!Madison No Fear Dentistry is the very best! :) - Maragaret M.
Sept 19, 2016

Very professional staff! Always friendly & make you feel comfortable. - Anonymous
Sept 19, 2016

I have had a horrible fear of dentists for as long as I could imagine. It had to have been over 5 or 6 years since I had been to a dentist. My first appointment with Madison No Fear was an extraction and and implant in 1 day. YIKES!!!! The minute I walked in the door to the minute that I walked out, I felt safe and they treated me like a person!! MNFD helped me overcome my fear and I couldn't be more grateful. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! - Kaitie K.
Sept 8, 2016

Best Dentistry I've ever had - Bradley P.
Sept 7, 2016

Everyone is so nice, knowledgeable, and professional. - Colleen G.
I always look FORWARD to getting my teeth cleaned!!! Mike is OUT OF THIS WORLD when it comes to dental care. He is soooo thorough and explains everything to me as he is doing my cleaning. YOU ARE so FORTUNATE to have him as hygenist!!!!! I have recently sent a co-worker to NO FEAR, and another co-worker started going there because I take note pads to work from NO FEAR and she decided to try your office.
Sept 7, 2016

Jessica is a pleasure. Always enjoy visiting with her. She is interested in what is going on in my life in addition to dental matters. Very good to work with her. Competent and personable. - Thomas J.
Aug 30, 2016

My daughter goes to you and based on her recommendation I did choose you to do my dental work. - Marylyn S.
I appreciate your listening ear and understanding, both Sara and Dr. Ducommun. Thank you for both your expertise and gentleness. I am returning to have more work done.
Aug 25, 2016

Best dental appointment I've ever had!! - Tara R.
Very friendly, knowledgeable and did not make me feel bad for not having been to a dentist for years or for "not liking going to the dentst". I've finally found one I will actually look forward to seeing!
Aug 22, 2016

Liked how friendly everyone was and genuinely interested in me as a person as well as a dental patient. The fresh apples at the end of the appointment were also very nice. Very calming enviornment for a dental office.  - Joanna H.
Aug 19, 2016

Fantastic place! The dentists and hygienists are very respectful, and take the time to listen to your concerns. If you have had issues with dentists in the past, try No Fear. You'll be pleasantly surprised! - Anonymous
Aug 19, 2016

This was the first time I could remember leaving a dental office in a good mood. - Megan M.
The staff was amazing. Everyone I spoke to was genuinely friendly and helpful. It made the experience so much easier and made a two hour appointment feel much shorter. 
Aug 17, 2014

Lisa is amazing I love this place I don't mind going to the dentist - Rebekah D.
Aug 2, 2016

I no longer dread going to the dentist, because I know that Madison No Fear Dentistry will make my visit as comfortable as possible!  - Karen G.
July 28, 2016

Worth The Drive - Michael S.
I live in Rockford Illinois and have my pick of many dentists in this area but yet choose Madison NO FEAR Dentistry. They are worth the drive to Madison.
July 26, 2016

My Dentist is the best - Marcus S.
Great dentist visit. Very thorough and nice amenities.
July 26, 2016

Its always a pleasure coming to MNFD! - Sarah R.
Its always a pleasure coming to MNFD! I never wait more than a couple of minutes, cleanings are quick but thorough and the cookies on the way out are a treat! Thanks for keeping my smile looking great!
July 21, 2016

My first impression was my last impression as I experienced No Fear Dentistry. I was immediately overcome with the attention to art; music and a social conscience and was refreshing to see a group of people so happy! - Kenneth P.
July 17, 2016

Always great personalized care. - William K.
July 13, 2016

Super friendly and patient - Stephanie S.
Thanks for being patient and taking the time to make me more comfortable. This was the least freaked out I've been at the dentist for a long time.
July 12, 2016

My hygienist was kind and gentle. Great staff as usual. - Julie H.
July 9, 2016

I LOVE my dentist! They take such good care of me and my family. - Jennifer V.
July 7, 2016

Lana was Excellent--Very Personable and Professional and Caitlyn , Rachel and Brittany were grand too. Going to No Fear Dentistry is always a positive experience--Thank You. - Shawn F.
July 1, 2016

Best dentist I've ever been to! - Jhon L.
June 30, 2016

No Fear Dentistry is by far the very best.  - Annette H.
I love the online and text reminders for my appointments. I am so grateful that your office was recommended to me. I no longer have any fear of dental procedures. I can't begin to express how grateful I am. I always feel welcomed when I come to your office. You are all true professionals.
June 26, 2016

Very friendly,, very efficient. - Joan S.
June 23, 2016

LOVE Madison No Fear Dentistry - Rebecca K.
Dr. Ducommun is very effective in making the patient feel comfortable and in communicating all that is happening / will happen. He is extremely competent and has done an excellent job with regard to all work I have had done with his office, including crowns, fillings, and routine care. The office staff do an excellent job of interfacing with insurance companies on the patient's behalf and of communicating all possible costs in advance of any the procedures.
June 23, 2016

I don't dread coming to the dentist. - Margaret W.
June 21, 2016

I always recommend No Fear to anyone I talk to about dental needs. - Greg V.
June 20, 2016

I have been so impressed with every aspect of No Fear Dentistry. I no longer dread going to the dentist. The facilities, staff, and treatment are exceptional. I've advised my mother to also get care here...and that's because I love her!  - Susan S.
June 20, 2016

Amazing Experience!! - Jennifer M.
Right from the first time calling in Kourtney was able to get me in right away and was very helpful with my insurance, looking things up for me. She went above and beyond what I expected. And Dallas was incredible making me feel comfortable and keeping me informed on what was going to happen at the visit. She is very friendly and made me very relaxed. I was very impressed with Dr.Caitlin she was so warm and attentive to my needs. She was so down to earth and explained everything that was going to happen very well and everything went so smooth. And she even called to check on me that evening. I can't say enough wonderful things about the entire staff. I am so glad I decided to go with No Fear Dentistry! I look forward to my next appointment and I've never felt like that at my past dentist.
June 15, 2016

Everyone at No Fear Dentistry are very thorough with cleaning and the exam, and very friendly. I really appreciate the Green/Environmental friendly initiatives they have taken in their office and with the building. - Darlene M.
June 11, 2016

First Impressions - Gloria H.
This dental office is unbelievable, you would not know you were in a dental office except for the equipment. The personnel are friendly beyond belief. They do everything they can to make you comfortable. I have been talking a great deal with Erin and she is a very good example of one of your associates that makes you feel like you are a friend and are highly regarded. I am looking forward to my next appointment.
June10, 2016

I love Madison no fear dentistry! - Corey K.
I now to the dentist regularly because they have made me feel comfortable with going to the dentist! Dr DeGroot and Dr Ducommun are amazing. They have taken the time to get to know me as a patient and make me good that what I am doing is the right thing!
June 10, 2016

I always love how friendly and talkative everyone is. I always feel welcome :) - Abbey T.
June 8, 2016

 Madison No Fear Dentistry is a great place for your dentistry needs in the Madison metro area. Great people that take good care of you and your dental needs! - Shawn L.
June 4, 2016

Share with everyone...These are the dentists for you to see! Incredible people!! <3 - Beverly M.
You made my day...yesterday!! I have invested approx $ 20,000. In the last 5 years...resulting in pain and still not even enough teeth to smile!! Thanks for giving me hope again! I look forward to my new smile! And I will tell everyone I know...You are what denitristry should always have been! Shame on those in the past who have just taken our money!
June 4, 2016

I have and will continue to recommend your office to people I know. All of the staff have been great and the quality of work performed is far better than at other facilities I have been to in the past.  - Joel M.
May 31, 2016

Thank you for making me NOT hate going to the dentist. - Thomas B.
I emailed late Wednesday evening about a crown that fell off and they got me right in the next day and repaired it in less than 10 minutes. I always have a great experience when I go into No Fear Dentistry.
May 27, 2016

I took my 3 year old daughter to have a cavity filled here and they were wonderful. I was looking for an office that could be a long term clinic for not only me but my child as well and they exceeded my expectations by far. Then to top it off my phone just rang at 730 at night and it was Dr Bob calling to see how my daughter was doing, mind blown... That is exceptional service. - Stacia S.
May 23, 2016 via Facebook

Great chair-side manners :)  - Richard H.
Professional, and very courteous. They explained their evaluation on me. Answered all my questions, and layed out their planned course of action.
May 21, 2016

Dr. ducommun and his staff were great. - Kristin J.
I called around 5pm and they were able to get me an emergency appointment the next morning. I had to take my 5 year old with me, they were patient, got her her own chair to sit in and even helped guide her to the bathroom while they were worki,g on my tooth. Dr. Ducommun worked with me to come up with a plan to save my tooth rather than having it pulled and called me that night to see how I was doing. He also touched on some work I need to have some on a neighboring tooth once this one is all taken care of, but was primarily focused on my emergency and pain that day. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing any kind of dental work.
May 20, 2016 

Dr D. called on me after procedures - absolutely exceptional! I feel he cares about me and my family. I have been with Doc ever since he took over from the practice and will stay! - Donald M.
May 20, 2016

From fearful to friendly - Jennifer C.
For someone who's anxiety level was very high before my first visit I can honestly say that my ideas of what a dental visit is has changed dramatically. I'm not afraid anymore because I know that I'm in good hands. All of the staff have shown such a genuine level of support and wanting to make sure I'm comfortable. All I can say is huge THANK YOU to everyone there.
May 20, 2016

I had a very good appointment. The assistant that cleaned my teeth, was very nice. She did a great job. She told me what she was going to do, before she did anything. She was very respectful. - Mary H.
May 17, 2017

A great experience, each and every time! - Sheba M.
Each time I walk into Madison No Fear Dentistry, I am greeted with a smile! Lana and Doctor Kevin are so friendly and easy to talk to and I truly enjoy seeing them each visit. They are both incredibly good at what they do, but are also friendly and kind! I had all of my mercury fillings removed by Doctor Kevin at Madison No Fear Dentistry and I am so happy I did! Not only do my teeth look better without all of the silver, but it was also a good decision health-wise. If you are considering having yours removed, give them a call today!
May 14, 2016 

All of the staff from the people at the front desk, to the hygienist, to the dentist are very courteous. The care is excellent and they know who you are! - Tim W.
May 11, 2016

Wonderful experience, as always!!! - Amy Y
Everyone is very friendly, caring, & thorough from the second you walk in until you leave. I have never been a huge fan of the dentist, but since switching to MNFD a year ago, I no longer mind going.
May 11, 2016

Simply the best. - Michael H.
In the world of Dentistry where none of us looks forward to time in the chair, Doctor Dave and his staff are very likely as good as it gets. The beautiful newer facility, the skilled and compassionate support personnel, the latest in technology and equipment, and the overall professionalism would be hard to top. Doctor Dave has pulled me out of the dental fire many times over the years and always with a smile and a unique ability to put one at ease. I would offer my highest recommendation for this health care facility. I can't image any one doing it better.
May 10, 2016

Madison No Fear is amazing! - Tracy S.
I recommend them to everyone I know. Everyone is so friendly, you never feel rushed through your appointment and in my experience everything has always run on time. You can actually look forward to going to the dentist!
May 10, 2016

Very friendly and comforting. Exceeded all of my expectations. - Joshua T.
May 9, 2016

I loved the place and the dentist. He was beyond great. He talked me through the whole procedure. Thank You. - Candace S
May 4, 2016

I want to thank Dr. Ducommon and everyone at No Fear Dentistry for their wonderful care and support I receive at each visit! It is truly amazing how much a difference it has made for me to have my smile and self-confidence back! Thank you! - Kelti J.
May 4, 2016

Five star review- very careing of your customers. - Kevin S.
April 29, 2016

Teeth cleaning was as close to enjoyable as it can get. - Kent D.
I had a wonderful hygienist that I could enjoy. Very positive experience for me. I have had some bad experiences at the dental office but not at Madison No Fear Dentistry.
April 28, 2016

The office/staff are always pleasant! I will miss visiting with Patti and wish her well on her new adventure ):
- Diane R.

April 27, 2016

I trust Dr. Ducommun completely -- I would not even consider another dentist. - Jeffrey F.
April 27, 2016

All the staff is very exceptional.  - Laura A.
April 25, 2016

I enjoy my visits every time. - Laura C.
The environment that the staff creates is great. They make you comfortable and take time with you
April 25, 2016

Easy to recommend when you are the best! - Michael T.
April 20, 2016

My son lives a good distance away and I told him he should make an effort to come to your practice. He will appreciate the overall experience regarding staff, environment and billing. - Karen W
April 19, 2016

All the staff is very exceptional.  - Laura A.
April 19, 2016

Every time is a great experience! - Laura C.
The staff takes great care of me and my daughter. The listen and explain things well.
April 19, 2016

Last appointment - Marian H.
Whenever I walk away from a dental appointment, and my teeth or gums do not hurt, that is an exceptional appointment. Thank you!
April 14, 2016

Thank you Madison No Fear Dentistry! - Olaya B.
My past few appointments at your office have been the most hassle-free and easy experiences ever! I felt extremely well taken care of, and was surprised how quicky time had passed in the appointment. Having the option to listen to music or watch tv, amazingly calmed me down, as I was a little nervous with the anesthetic shots and procedures I had to undergo. I didn't even feel the anesthetic shots I was given and was very impressed by the professionalism, competency and kindness of ALL staff, from the dental assistant/hygienist to the dentist and reception staff!!
April 12, 2016

Madison No Fear Dentistry - Alicia C.
Hands down the best dentist I've ever been to. They really take their time with you and listen to all of your concerns and address them flawlessly. I am absolutely terrified of the dentist but this place actually makes me feel good about coming back and want to come back again.  This is a great place, especially if you are not a fan of going to the dentist. I've already recommended my sister in town to come here because it's very hard to find a good dentist. I even told my mom in Chicago about my visit and she wishes she lived here just so she could go there. 
April 12, 2016

Inital Visit - Karen W.
Excellent experience...friendly, professional staff, relaxing positive environment, and straightforward explanation of care plan.
April 8, 2016

I just started with your dental office and have found the experience to be very very good. Your staff including my dentist are very friendly, concerned and the little extras like the gift card to Bonefish are very thoughtful. - Robert L.
April 5, 2016

good dentist appointment - Melanie M.
Madison No Fear Dentistry does a great job. The people are wonderful and they make your dentist appointment almost enjoyable.
March 25, 2016

Very friendly staff. They could tell I was nervous and did their best to make me feel comfortable. - Travis R.
March 18, 2016

Anxiety filled person not scared to go to this dentist - Traci G.
I've never been to a clinic where it was even an option to get my cavities filled first and then cleaning later. In other words I was used to having things hurt every time I come to the dentist . But not here . I've only been there once so far but they were so personable and concerned about me and my welfare like I've never had a dentist office before and I come with major anxiety to any dentist because of bad experiences I've had in the past . But this place is looking pretty good so far.
March 8, 2016

love you all! Thanks for making my baby's first dentist appointment a positive experience!!! - Olivia R.
March 7, 2016

my first session was very informative. explained everything very clearly. very impressed  - Sidney W.
Mr. gartley explained everything in great detail, with no high pressure tactics. he will check costs with my insurance & medicare. most places want you to do that. very impressed.
March 4, 2016

I had a great experience and look forward to getting the rest of my mouth problems taken care of - Trish K.
March 4, 2016

Awesome. As long as I go here I'll have a bit more peace of mind when I go to the dentist. - Amy M.
March 3, 2016

These people are the best. - Anonymous
So my son woke up in the middle of the night with tooth pain. MNFD was able to see him immediately in the morning, and ascertained that he needed a root canal, which they were also able to perform immediately. I was going to go wander around for the couple of hours it would take, but thought I'd schedule a cleaning on my way out. As it happened, they were able to fit me in immediately, while my son was being treated, to save me a trip and get everything done at once. All this on top of their usual courteous, attentive approach and top-of-the-line technology. To top things off, Dr. Ducommun gave me a call at 8pm, presumably from his own home, to see how my son was doing in the wake of the emergency procedure. Needless to say, he was doing fine.
March 2, 2016

Absolutely! Exceptional staff and quality service. - Anonymous
Individual care,treatment, and staff are the Best in Dane County. There is a reason you are called 'No Fear Dentistry'.
March 2, 2016

A wonderful dental office - Gail P.
A wonderful dental office. I've never felt more comfortable going to have dental work done. Everyone wants you to be comfortable and informed about your dental conditions, how to prevent problems with proper care at home, and possible treatments if needed. And, the payment staff is helpful working through the insurance issues if there are any. They are very knowledgeable about their role and work.
Feb 18, 2016

Best Dentist office ever - Jane S.
In the past I've never liked going to the dentist. But since I've been going to No Fear Dentistry the past few years I don't mind at all. They are genuine and gentle with my mouth! I highly recommend them.
Feb 16, 2016

Always wonderful with Dentist and his assistant. Both are truly concerned about the patient and their needs - makes you feel comfortable. - Anonymous
Feb 15, 2016

From the moment I walked in the door, I felt very comfortable and welcomed. - Lani C.
My questions and concerns were listened to by all the staff. I did not feel rushed through any part of my two hour visit. I typically feel very nervous about my dental visits due to some bad experiences and I was very at ease with the staff and the care I received. I left feeling relieved that it was painless and pleasant. I had great confidence in Dr. Ducommun and my hygienist, I was not rushed into any decision but assured they were willing to do whatever I felt comfortable doing. Will be back!
Feb 12, 2016

Best dental care in Madison! - Carissa B.
Great, friendly staff that provides a relaxing experience. Clean facilities, always punctual and lots of smiles. I would recommend No Fear to anyone!
Feb 11, 2016

Great for the whole family!- Amanda K.
Me and my husband go here and our 3 year old as well! Our toddler and baby will also join in the awesome dental care as they get older! Would recommend to anyone!!
Feb 9, 2016

I was scared to death to go back to the Dentist after so many years and right away I was made to feel better. I have a lot of work to do so am in the saving phase but there is no doubt they will see me again soon. - Jodi B.
Jan 26, 2016

I am always taken care of very well and all my questions are answered. These guys are the very best! - Margaret M.
Jan 12, 2016

I am so happy to have tried Madison No Fear Dentistry! - Kimberly J.
Our whole family is extremely comfortable here. We came from a bad experience at another dentist, which left me feeling unsettled about letting my kids go to another provider. I love the staff and Dr.s here! There are a lot of laughs and conversation, while getting great care! Thank you!
Jan 4, 2016

My experience at No Fear Dentistry was the best dentist experience in all my 53 years. - Karin L.
I have had lots of dental trauma after most of all my molars had Mercury fillings put in before I was 18. They were only filled to prevent cavities. This is now a health concern for me. This was the first time I felt cared about as a person. I felt safe and relaxed. All my questions answered. I was getting sleepy during the appointment I was so relaxed and had no drugs. I like the Mercury free holistic approach to supporting my health. Thank you No Fear Dentistry.
Dec 21, 2015

The staff at No Fear Dentistry is amazing. - Paula P.
Everyone is kind, courteous, and careful. I love the warm neck wrap they give me when I sit down. The last visit I had was the most comfortable dental experience I have had in 50 years, and that includes the kid years when I got a sucker after having my teeth cleaned!!!
Dec 18, 2015

I felt very well taken care of and the staff was genuinely very friendly and nice - Jennifer S.
I also liked that I was included on the process of my cleaning- I was shown the photos and xrays of my teeth and the hygienist talked through any procedures and treatment options for my teeth. It was also nice to be asked, 'tell me about your teeth' which was a first, it was nice to have a discussion about my teeth from my own perspective
Dec 21, 2015

I love going to the dentist! - Margaret W.
I look forward to my appointments! How's that for successful dentistry?
Dec 18, 2015

5 star experience - Sobia K.
I am extremely afraid of even the simple cleaning at the dental office! They put me at ease explained why things hurt in the past and made sure they did not hurt. After 10 years of 'never going to the dentist again experiences, I can finally say without fear..I have an appointment at the dentist.
Dec 17, 2015

Happy to have them at my side. Always perfect.  - Donna W.
Dec 11, 2015

I DO have a reason to SMILE today!!! - Bob B.
Because I found a GREAT bunch of people at Madison No Fear Dentist. Who would have thought at this time last year that I won't mind going to a dentist, I sure won't have thought THAT!!! You guys are the best, love you all, thanks for the Birthday wish:) Bob, see here's my SMILE to you,  :) :) :)
Dec 7, 2015

Always great to go to No Fear Dentistry - Shawn F.
Going to my dentist, Dr Dave Ducommun is always a very positive, proactive and fun experience. He and his staff are very professional but very personable in the way you are treated. That is why I refer people to No Fear Dentistry.
Dec 4, 2015

Best dentist in the world - Riley C.
They're eco friendly, they're knowledgable and helpful, they make you feel comfortable and without fear, and they turn your bad teeth into a smile you want to show off. Just go see for yourself
Nov 25, 2015

Madison "no fear" dentistry is true to their name - Vicki T.
If I ever moved away, I would take a vacation and come back for treatment here. Took a nap with no drugs while I was getting 2 fillings....unbelievable, yet absolutely true. :)
Nov 25, 2015

Thank you to whoever is responsible for my being given a fresh-baked loaf of bread before leaving  - Lincoln G.
Nov 21, 2015

First time - Paula C.
The staff was awesome! Helped make an urgent and painful appointment very easy. Even though this was my first time here, I already feel comfortable enough for the next one!
Nov 20, 2015

Fabulous place! - Shayna M.
I have never liked going to the dentist...I still don't love it, but Madison No Fear has absolutely made the experience SO much better! I love that I can watch Netflix while I'm being treated and I feel like the staff answers my concerns and questions with empathy and detail. I feel like I'm in good hands with their treatment plan and truly think the staff are top-notch. I highly recommend it here!
Nov 19, 2015

I have alot of anxiety with the dentist. - Michael S.
Hillary the hygentist was absoultly wonderful and the dr was great. Thank you for making me feel welcome
Nov 19, 2015

Hey, thank you guys for your compassion. - Dave R.
I came in a week ago with a broken tooth and a lot of pain, and you treated me like a human being and not just a bank account. That's so rare, and I want you to know how grateful I am. Once I'm insured, I will be back. I swear. Thank you again
Nov 18, 2015

Best dental experience of my life! - Wendy C.
Never before have I ever felt so welcomed and cared for as I did when I came to this dental clinic. From the moment I walked in it's like no other dental office I've ever experienced before. The staff are calm, courteous, knowledgeable and bright and hey, they even make fresh bread twice a day on site. I mean really, who does that?! I'm actually looking forward to my follow up appointments, and I've never said that about going to the dentist...ever!
Nov 11, 2015

Outstanding customer service and support! - Wendy C.
I highly recommend this dental practice wholeheartedly. Never before have I felt so welcomed and cared for at a dental clinic. And hey, they make fresh baked bread twice a day onsite! I mean really, who else does that?! I'm actually looking forward to my follow up appointments and I've never said that about going to the dentist...ever!
Nov 11, 2015

The only dentist my kids will go to - Leslie B.
It is always a pleasure to go into this office. The staff are always courteous and attentive to your needs and are always willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I have been seeing Dr Ducommon for 8 years as have all my immediate family members and he is the only dentist my grown children will go to. Despite living out of state my children always make sure they have appointments set up for when they are home here. That is how much they trust Dr Ducommon and his staff.
Nov 4, 2015

That was the fastest, most pain-free filling experience I've ever had...and I'm the son of a dentist! - Tim C.
Nov 3, 2015

Best Dental Office Ever - Wendy M.
Great service and wonderful staff! 
Oct 22, 2015

hands down, best client service around. - Jane F.
Thank you for figuring out how to make a dental visit such an awesome experience!
Oct 22, 2015

Excellent dental office; excellent dentist. 10/10, will return again. - Ben S.
Oct 15, 2015

Amazing dental office! - Jennifer R.
The office itself is clean and exquisite. The staff is all very friendly and genuinely care about you as a person. I loved the office tour as a part of my new patient appointment! Keep up the amazing work!
Oct 15, 2015

the best dentist visit ever!!!!  - Thomas K.
Oct 7, 2015

Exceptional care at No Fear in Madison - Michael S.
No Fear provides the best dental care I've ever received. THANK YOU.
Oct 7, 2015

The best dental experience I have had. Superior customer service and a spa like feel. - Karen S.
Oct 3, 2015

You guys are amazing ...thank you so much ....because of you my daughter loves the dentist ;) - Crysal S.
Sept 30, 2015

Madison No Fear continues to amaze and impress. -Michael T.
I'm a long time patient, but this time I needed work to repair a chipped front tooth. I did not think it could be done. Not only is the chip repaired, you cannot tell the difference. And it took 4 minutes and 37 seconds. The team is unbelievable!!
Sept 27, 2015

For someone that didn't go to or like going to a dentist for years, now because of the staff at Madison No Fear I don't mind going. I hadn't had my teeth cleaned in years and now because of the GREAT treatment that Lisa has given me I've had my teeth cleaned twice this year already!!GREAT PEOPLE,GREAT SERVICE,I can't say enough good things about Madison No Fear Dentist. Everybody should get the chance to experience a place and people like they have!!! :) BOB B.(Great Hot Fresh Baked Bread Too!!)
Sept 26, 2015

You have the BEST cookies I have ever eaten!! - Jacob M.
Sept 24, 2015

Five Star Service - Diane R.
I enjoy going to the dentist and having semi-annual cleanings. That says a lot since I was young I was terrified of going to the dentist and it took a long long time to overcome those feelings. Your staff does a great job at making sure you are comfortable with your visit.
Sept 22, 2015

I absolutely love coming here. It's also the first dentist's office that my kids enjoy going to. Thank you for being so amazing! - Abbey T.
Sept 22, 2015

Lisa showed great compassion and empathy when I told her we've had a death in the family. Kudos. - Joy M.
Sept 19, 2015

Wonderful Dentist and Staff! - Krisite B.
Madison No Fear Dentistry is the only place I will go for cleanings and any other necessary dental work. Their staff is friendly and gentle. I have a large fear of having dental work, even cleanings done but I preplan and attend all appointments. There is never pressure to have unnecessary work done. Work that is needed is presented firmly yet without judgment and payment options work for my budget. I will never go anywhere else as long as I stay within the Madison area! Many Thanks!
Sept 15, 2015

Amazing Tooth Cleaning Experience! - Courtney N.
Jessica did an amazing job! She was friendly and made sure I felt comfortable during my visit. Dr Dave has a great upbeat attitude, very friendly and personable. The rest of the staff was also very friendly. I would highly recommend my friends and family go to Madison No Fear Dentisry for as above average dental experience!
Sept 15, 2015

Feel at home the very first visit. - Sao T
Sept 12, 2015

A great first visit! - Amelia B.
This was my first visit there, a little anxious, but they put you at ease immediately have many different things available to keep you comfortable. It's a great place to go for dental care!
Sept 11, 2015

Madison No Fear Dentistry lives up to is name. They are friendly, keep you informed and always make you feel like an indiviual. Your care is their objective. - Ruby S.
Sept 3, 2015

Best Dentist - John M.
Hands down they are the best dentist office I have ever been to. I grew up hating the dentist, I wish I had gone there when I was a kid. Competitive prices and incredible workmanship. I would recommend anyone to go see them.
Sept 3, 2015

Best in Madison - James W.
No Fear Dentistry is by far in my humble opinion the best in Madison, Love Dr. Docummun!
Sept 1, 2015

The staff is friendly, pleasant and efficient. Always feel welcomed and needs are met. The only dentist office I have been in that has exceptional customer service. - Kathleen P.
Aug 27, 2015

Very friendly professional office and experience. - Kathy H.
Aug 27, 2015

I was pleasantly surprised to find a dentist that makes me look forward to going back. - Hannah R. 
After putting off a visit for quite some time, I was met by a hygienist and dentist who were kind, understanding, and judgement free when it came to my teeth. My hygienist was exceptionally thorough and at the same time seemed concerned about how I was doing through the cleaning. The dentist spoke to me at my level and showed me my x-rays and pictures so I could see what she did. The icing on the cake was the free t-shirt, cookie, and awesome coffee on the way out the door. What a surprise to find in a dentist's office. I'll be back and will look forward to it for a change.
Aug 27, 2015

Office is beautiful and staff professional and friendly.  - Max T.
Aug 21, 2015

Best Dentist Ever - Louis O.
This was by far the best experience I've ever had at the dentist. Everyone was super kind and warm, the offices were comfortable, and they offer crazy amenities! Not to mention, the actual dental care was top notch.
Aug 21, 2015

Great as always! - Emily N.
Friendly staff, comfortable experience! Great at remembering details of previous visit and being invested in both person and dental experience.
Aug 19, 2015

I love this place! I have recommended it to tons of people! - Emily N.
I always hated going to the dentist but that has changed since I have been going to No Fear Dentistry. The staff is super nice and courteous. The dentists are thoughtful, understanding, and compassionate. They answer any questions you have and never make you feel bad. I love coming here!
Aug 7, 2015

Very impressive. Extremely friendly, professional organization. - Thomas J.
Enjoyed visiting with Jessica during the exam about family, living on a farm, and children. She seemed genuinely interested in me and my life experiences, and I was interested in hearing about hers. Excellent service. Dr. Caitlin was very pleasant as well. Everyone had a smile on. I feel that the quality of service matched the pleasant, professional personal treatment as well. Just a routine exam this time, but very pleased.
Aug 7, 2015

love this dentist office - Sheila M.
I am fearful of the dentist but don't mind coming to this office. It is clean and smells like fresh baked cookies! Everyone is really friendly and I like that I can listen to Pandora during my cleaning and wear a lavender mask and neck wrap. After I have had work done, Dr. Kudlata has called me to make sure I am feeling ok.
Aug 5, 2015

In the past, I didn't like to go to the dentist. Now that I'm a patient at No Fear Dentistry, my anxiety is gone and the staff here makes me feel very comforable. - Mary H.
Aug 5, 2015

Excellent experience - Dan F.
Friendly staff, skilled and excellent dentist and dental hygienist. Highly recommend Dr. Ducommun and his staff.
July 23, 2015

You have an amazing team and the environment is energizing. - Christopher L.
The excellence in dental work is just the beginning. I am always comfortable and leave having enjoyed my visit to the dentist, and I look forward to the next visit. Imagine that! That is not what I had experienced before coming to No Fear Dentistry. You have an very skilled, kind, and excellent team.
July 22, 2015

We really enjoy coming to the Dentist now! - Amy Legler
July 17, 2015

My experience was better than I had anticipated. - Danielle B.
I felt very comfortable with my dentist and the person who did my exam/cleaning. I did have some anxiety due to new people and a new place/environment. But it wasn't as bad as I've had it been and I was able to control it most of the time. I had some trouble with trying the numbing mouth wash solution, it is a route I'm not sure I'll try again. Out of my whole experience that was the only bad thing to happen. I felt very relaxed, which is hard for me to do. I felt my concerns were heard and that my care team wanted me to be comfortable and safe. I'm very happy with No Fear Dentistry! I'm very happy to have a dental office that cares
July 16, 2015

I could have slept through my root canal! - Ashley B.
The entire experience was as enjoyable as a root canal could be! The whole staff is sweet and friendly! No fear is a very appropriate name for this dentistry office!
July 11, 2013

Exceptional fulll package dental office - Julie L.
Great place!! Highly recommend!!
June 30, 2015

***** -LaVerne B.
Although I don't usually like going to the dentist, this office is an exception. Everyone is friendly, and puts you at ease!
June 26, 2015

Excellent service. Always on time. Wonderful experience. Love the warm neck wraps. Easy to set up follow up appointments. I am always able to get the time I want. Dr. Ducommun is always attentive. Asks about the family and you feel like he genuinely cares about you! - George M.
June 25, 2015 from Angie's List

Excellent Dental Office! - Jenna G.
I use to hate going to the dentist but ever since coming to Madison No Fear Dentistry I no longer feel that way. The office building is always clean and has a welcoming environment. This is nicely paired with the extra friendly staff that makes you feel comfortable while there. They do excellent work on top of that as well! My teeth have never felt and looked better! Overall EXCELLENT dental office that I would highly recommend to oth