Office reopening; new safety protocols during COVID

Updated: Jun 16

To all our beloved patients at Madison No Fear Dentistry,

As of May 11th, we reopened our clinic to all of our patients with full doctors schedules and half of our hygiene team. As we see more patients the safety and health of all people, to include our patients and our team will remain our highest priority.

If you're receiving care during the Corona Virus pandemic we want you to be aware of some of the added safety precautions we have taken to help keep you safe while in our office.

For a quick recap here are a few of the things that will be noticeably different during your visit.

  • All patients will remain in their vehicle or outside of the building to text or call to check-in.

  • Upon texting or calling to check-in you will receive a digital COVID pre-screening form to fill out before entering our building. (If you do not have a smart device let our front desk team know when calling to check-in)

  • Once your provider is ready we will text or call to have you enter the lobby.

  • Upon entering our facility one of our front desk team members will ask you to wash your hands and take your forehead temperature using an infrared thermometer.

  • When your hygienist or dental assistant comes to walk you back to the operatory we ask that you stay 6 feet from them until they have the proper personal protective equipment on.

  • Once in the operatory you will be asked to swish with peroxyl. This mouth-wash like rinse will help to kill any bacteria in your mouth.

We understand some of these changes are different from the "normal". However, this is the only way we can provide care during this time.

While we are following all CDC and ADA guidelines to ensure patient and team safety there is no guarantee you WON'T receive the virus by going out in public, including Madison No Fear Dentistry. Knowing that, if you are medically vulnerable, or care for someone who is medically vulnerable, we strongly advise you consider postponing your appointment.

If for any reason you do not feel comfortable receiving care during this time please give us at least 24 hours notice as the demand for dental care is high, and we want you to have the best experience possible. There's no reason to feel bad if you do have to cancel as we've lost roughly two months of appointments due to COVID. Safety and comfort is key!

If you have a scheduled appointment and do not confirm it with our front desk team we will cancel it and give that scheduled time to another patient. If you do not arrive to your scheduled appointment after confirming it you are limiting the care we can provide to others, so it may be quite some time before we can get you back into the schedule.

Finally, in an effort to limit the amount of people in our office, we ask that only the person receiving care enter our facility. We will not allow family members to wait in the lobby. The only exception is one legal guardian of a minor, if you are assisting an elderly patient, or a registered caretaker.

If you have any questions view the F.A.Q's below or contact our team at or by calling 608-836-5700.


Should I come in if I do not feel well?

If you have a fever of over 100 degrees, feel achy, have a cough or difficulties breathing or any other flu-like symptoms your appointment will be postponed. We recommend contacting your medical provider. What are you doing to protect me from coronavirus?

At Madison No Fear Dentistry we comply with all CDC and American Dental Association recommendations for patient and team safety. We use all the appropriate personal protective equipment, wipe down all frequently touched surfaces hourly and have an air filtration system that promotes fresh air instead of cycling air throughout the building. Is it safe to come to your office?

The coronavirus is still not completely understood so that is a difficult question to answer, we can tell you we follow all recommendations from the government and professional groups to make your visit as safe as we possibly can. Following these steps keep you at a lower risk for acquiring infectious diseases. Should I wait to come in for my appointment?

That is always your choice, however it is thought coronavirus will be an issue for twelve to eighteen months and we do not advise waiting that long to have your teeth cared for as that may result in significant dental problems. What will happen when I come in?

When you arrive you will find things are different check out the video or bullet points above to learn what our new process is. These are all put in place to make sure you are treated well and safely.


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