Meet and Greet with Kyle, one of only two male hygienists.

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Most of Kyle's patients like to give him a little bit of đź’© as he is constantly surrounded by all the No Fear ladies. Not only does that not matter to Kyle because we are all a big No Fear Family here but he is also happily married to his husband Luke.

Joining us in early May of 2019 after quitting his full time job of 2 years to go to hygiene school and finish his education everyone can see that he couldn't be happier being a hygienist at No Fear with that big giant smile he's always got on his face.

In Kyle's free time he enjoys laughing out loud and planning how he can travel the world luxuriously.

However, once the Corona Virus caused flight cancellations throughout the world he had to cancel a long list of planned trips through the end of the year.

So instead of exploring the world he took on the guilty pleasure of eating all things gummy candy and looking through absurdly expensive houses listed on and

If you'd like to know more or have questions for Kyle leave a comment below and request him for your next hygiene appointment.

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