Meet and Greet with Addie, a dental assistant excited to help others

Updated: Aug 5

Addie was able to come about No Fear Dentistry in a different way than most. While attending Dental Assisting School at Madison Area Technical College, Addie completed her clinical portion of the course with us.

While we were happy to have her as a temporary student we knew it would be hard to see her go so we hired her before she could even leave.

With a sparky personality and always full of energy we knew that she would continue to work flawlessly with the team and help our patients feel comfortable and welcome when visiting for care.

In fact before her clinical's were over she said, "One of my favorite things about being an assistant at No Fear is getting to help patients be proud of their new smile".

If that doesn't sound like humble, sweet, small town girl we don't know what else does. Growing up in Lodi, Wisconsin Addie's first job was working for her dad cutting down tree's and doing landscape work.

While she enjoyed working with her dad and continues to help out with the family business in her free time there was always a fascination with teeth and being able to help others. So she combined the two and began working in the dental field.

Her continued excitement for dentistry and ability to work closely with the team has shown greatly both as a student and now a team member and we truly believe she will do great things going forward!


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