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Really care about you as a patient and a person. My kids love it there, and I am always comfortable, and feel incredibly pampered. -Elizabeth

WiFi and iPADS 
We understand how busy life gets.  To help you stay connected, we offer complimentary WiFi and even iPADs for your convenience and entertainment while you wait.

Fresh Baked Bread 
We bake delicious loafs bread during the day for your family to take home.  The freshly baked bread’s aroma welcomes you into our office instead of the typical steril “dental” smell.

Brewing your favorite coffee, tea, and hot chocolate daily.  Enjoy your perfect cup while you check-in.

Neck Wraps
Warm or cool neck wraps can help you relax while we care for your beautiful smile. 

Eye Masks

Help relieve any tension while you are reclined in our state of the art comfortable dental chairs.

Temperpedic Chairs
Sit back and relax. 

Turn the TV to your favorite channel or watch movie from our DVD or netflix library. 

Headphones - Personalized Music
Slip on your personal headphones and forget you are even at the dentist!  You can also decompress by choosing from relaxing music options to listen to during your appointment.

Fresh Baked Cookies
Otis Spunk Meyer cookies baked throughout the day to treat our patients and to keep the office smelling like home.


Hygienic Warm Blankets
Stay cozy even on the coldest of days.

Massage Therapy
Once a month, we bring a massage therapist in to give out hand massages during your appointment. 

Artist of The Month
We whole heartedly support local business.  Every month we feature an art exhibit to help promote a local artist and showcase their work.