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Featuring Nana Kate's Collection by Katherine Ford  
A Wisconsin watercolorist on a journey to expose the extraordinary in the ordinary.

A Wisconsin native exposed to art mediums in High School continued to sketch for personal enjoyment until 2005.  In 2006 a desire to develop watercolor techniques led to participation in classes and workshops.

Initial works focused on botanical close-ups, but lack of patience influenced her to move into other watercolor techniques such as negative painting and abstractions.  Initial subjects were flowers, but upon request animals, fish, birds and mechanical objects became part of her portfolio.  Her paintings are created to expose unusual details overlooked by the casual observer.

In 2017, Nana Kate’s Collections started to provide an outlet for the sale of art cards.  In 2019, expansion into the sale of originals and reproductions was initiated to provide public access to larger works.  Information on all art forms may be found on the  Nana Kates Collections website

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Artist Statement
As a Extraordinarian, I am on a journey to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  My motivation is to unveil childlike wonder in the beholder, stimulating them to look closer at the world around them.  I paint realistically, but as I zoom in on an object, it loses worldly context and naturally becomes an abstraction.  My greatest reward is revealing my object's identity to the amazement of my audience.