Madison No Fear Dentistry


Painful Emergencies

We address dental emergencies with respect and immediate attention. Our team promises to do all that we can to handle your dental emergency promptly and efficiently -- on the same day that you contact us, if at all possible.

Traumatic tooth fracture or segmental fracture:
  • Find the tooth/fragment and put it in milk!!!
  • Call the Dentist and get in immediately, 608.338.0629.
  • The Dentist will either bond the segment or re-implant the tooth
  • TIME is of the essence in this instance, don’t wait to call
  • Ice the soft tissue if it is bleeding
Abscessed tooth:
  • Tooth may feel elevated due to inflammation
  • May have fevers and chills
  • May have swelling around the tooth
  • Treatment: you must have a prescription for antibiotics called in to start overcoming the infection. You may or may not need to see the Dentist immediately.  Call 608.338.0629 to get more information on your next step.
Broken tooth with fragment lodged in gums:
  • A portion of tooth breaks off and becomes lodged between the teeth.
  • This may cause pain when eating due to food putting pressure on the fragment that is lodged in the gums.
  • You may need to see the Dentist on an emergency basis to remove the fragment. 608.338.0629.
Myofacial pain or TMJ Pain:
  • Symptoms include headache, facial pain, tooth pain, neck pain, TMJ pain.
  • Symptoms are usually cyclical, meaning they have periods of exacerbation and periods of remission.
  • Symptoms may be related to personal stress, family stress, financial stress, loss of family member, job change, increased level of caffeine consumption.
  • You may or may not need to see the Dentist for this event. Call and describe your symptoms. 608.338.0629.

Non-Painful Emergencies

Broken tooth, cusp or filling:
  • Usually a portion of a tooth or crown falls off and you become worried that the rest of the tooth may break off as well.
  • Seldom do these teeth hurt.
  • It may feel sharp to your tongue or cheek.
  • Seldom does the rest of the tooth fracture off.
  • You do not need to see the Dentist immediately for this type of event. You will likely need to see the Dentist for a diagnosis & treatment on the next business day. Treatment will likely include either a crown or a filling. 608.338.0629.
Floss knotted up between teeth:
Usually you will need to see the hygienist on the next business day for removal of the floss. 608.338.0629.



Esthetic Emergencies

A visible tooth segment fractures off and is non-painful:
  • Find the tooth segment
  • Call the Dentist, 608.338.0629
  •  We may wish to see you depending on your discomfort or social events taking place in your life
Lost partial or denture:
This is a difficult issue to solve on a weekend, and will likely require multiple appointments on regular work day.