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Meet Raquel

Name: Raquel B.
Occupation: Front Desk Coordinator
Number of years with MNFD: 5 1/2 years

Hometown: Edgerton, WI

Family/Pets? Husband, Nick, daughter Milo, and two pups, Mya & Hattie

What did you want to be when you grew up? A Marine Biologist

What was your first job? A cashier at Piggly Wiggly when I was 15

What are your hobbies/interests?  Boating

What is your favorite sport to watch and/or play? PACKERS FOOTBALL... I don't miss a game! 

What is your biggest pet-peeve? People who choose to be unhappy.

What was your favorite band(s) in high school? Brittney Spears

Where is your favorite vacation spot? The Smokey Mountains.  My heart belongs there. 

Name one thing on your Bucket List: To travel the U.S. in a R.V. without an exact destination or timeline

Do you have any hidden talents? ...They're deeply hidden apparently...

What are you really bad at that you’d love to be great at? Singing, but my husband would say cooking.

What is something about you that might surprise us?
I'm crazy about Christmas!!  It's my favorite time of the year!

What is your favorite part of working for MNFD?
Getting along with my co-workers and getting to know patients

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