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Meet Dr. Logan

Name: Logan V.
Occupation: Dentist
Number of years with MNFD: 1

Hometown:  Appleton, WI

I come from a family of five.  My father is a dentist in Appleton, WI and my mom was an RN.  I am the oldest child and have two younger sisters.  One of my sisters is currently a dental hygienist and the other is studying to become a nurse.
What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to become a police officer.  My neighbor when I was growing up was a police officer and I always looked up to him and what he did for the community.  Plus who doesn’t like catching bad guys?
What was your first job?
My first job was my lawn care and landscaping business I started when I was 12 years old.  It consisted of a few neighborhood lawns and landscaping jobs that supported my 12-year-old lifestyle quite well!
What are your hobbies/interests?  
I really enjoy the outdoors and all activities included.  My parents have a cottage in northern Wisconsin that I enjoy visiting in the summer time.  Madison and the surrounding areas are beautiful with so much to explore.
What is your favorite sport to watch and/or play?
My favorite sport to watch is defiantly football.  I also enjoy playing football, however my favorite would have to be rugby.
What is your biggest pet-peeve?
Carelessness of others.
What was your favorite band(s) in high school?
I really enjoy country music and my favorite artist at the time was Luke Bryan.
Where is your favorite vacation spot? My parents cottage in Northern Wisconsin.
Name one thing on your Bucket List: Skydiving
Do you have any hidden talents?
I am a pretty good shot with archery equipment.  I was on the archery team in college and competed at a national level.
What are you really bad at that you’d love to be great at? Drawing
What is something about you that might surprise us?
I really enjoy construction and building new things.  I have helped my dad renovate two cottages and we are currently in the process of finishing an off-the-grid cabin.
What is your favorite part of working for MNFD?
The office culture and the people that I work with.  We love to joke around with one another during the day which keeps the day moving by quickly and makes for a better patient experience overall.
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