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Meet Kristi

Name: Kristi B.
Occupation: Front Desk Coordinator
Number of years with MNFD: 1.5 years

Hometown: Potosi, WI

Family/Pets? Live with my boyfriend and we have a dog named, Que
What did you want to be when you grew up? Dog groomer
What was your first job? Dog caretaker at a dog boarding and breeding business.
What are your hobbies/interests?  
Hiking/exploring new areas and trails with my boyfriend and dog
Watching movies
What is your favorite sport to watch and/or play?
To Watch: Football and college basketball
To Play: Softball and Volleyball
What is your biggest pet-peeve? Negative attitudes
What was your favorite band(s) in high school?
Didn’t really have one. I enjoyed listening to all different kinds of music so had a lot of bands that I liked.  
Where is your favorite vacation spot?
The cabin up north my family rents every summer for a week. It is on a very small lake and there aren’t many people around. It’s a very relaxing week because we all get to just hang out and don’t have any plans or schedules to follow.
Name one thing on your Bucket List: Visit Giraffe Manor in Kenya
Do you have any hidden talents?  I play piano
What are you really bad at that you’d love to be great at? Drawing/Crafty things
What is something about you that might surprise us?
I threw a perfect game one of my last games in high school softball.
What is your favorite part of working for MNFD?
The coworkers. When you get along with your coworkers like we do it makes coming into work enjoyable.
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