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Patti's Farewell

I wanted to take this time to say good-bye, to let everyone know why I loved working at Madison No Fear Dentistry so much, and to explain why you haven’t seen me lately.

It was my privilege to work with such a great team at MNFD.

It all started in March of 2010 when I was invited for an interview at the Old Chicago restaurant, only to find Dr. Ducommun and five other team members there to interview me. The jokes and laughter started almost immediately; I jumped right in and gave it right back. When I left the restaurant that night, I knew I wanted to work with this group of people. I was so excited when Dr. Ducommun called and invited me to be a part of his team.

There is so much I could say about Madison No Fear Dentistry, so I will try and keep this to a minimum.

I genuinely felt like part of the family from the first day I started. I’ve never had such a great leader with a mission statement that he truly lives by on a daily basis: “earning trust and loyalty through great experiences.”  What I’ve learned and what I’ve observed others learning from this mission is how to open ones’ heart and feel safe enough to be who you are without fear of judgment. This is why it was beyond difficult to leave such a great place.

From my wedding a few years ago to the passing of my father last summer, I have shared such a huge part of my life with this team and with the patients that I have been so privilege to get to know over the years.

I have the highest level of respect for Dr. Ducommun and how he runs his practice. The way he always builds the team up and empowers them to grow and learn through positive reinforcement, not with power or intimidation.  This creates an atmosphere which immediately is felt the moment you step in the front door. 

Where did I go? My husband is self-employed selling food processing equipment for a German company, Kronen.  Fortunately, he has been very successful and really needed more help, so I decided to be his assistant. It is going well, and I am headed to Germany for some additional training and to meet the rest of the staff at the corporate office!

I want to thank the Madison No Fear Dentistry team and all our patients for all the great memories that I will forever hold in my heart.
With warming blessing,
Patti Quandt

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