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About the Artist

Featuring Art from Austin Myers: AAA Art Gallery 

I'm an acrylic paint artist that specializes in abstract pieces that mainly focuses on various colours producing geometric designs. Painting and creating has just recently became my major passion in the past 36 months but has always been dormant.

As a child I enjoyed painting with watercolors since was exciting to create and was an easier clean up for me and my parents. As I got older it became less of a hobby as I tried other things but always enjoyed coloring and building. After a few years of college I took off a couple months to gain some self discovery. Out of nowhere I had a deep urge to try painting again and it inspired that hidden desire once again. Since that discovery I try to take any down time between a typical job to pursue this passion.

I am always looking to create something new and better since I feel there is no greater feeling than bringing something into this world that would have otherwise gone unimagined. It is my passion to bring my art to as many people as possible and eventually open a gallery to the public to showcase the hundreds of paintings I have and will continue to create.