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Erin Avila-Vissers
B: 1978
Wisconsin Native
Graduate of UW Madison BS-Art

Art to me, has always been a deep seeded need to create things. If I am not finding a creative outlet in my life, things tend to get weird. In my career as an artist, I have explored many different mediums from art metals, drawing, painting, collage, design, and photography. My current need is to create paintings/ drawings. My work is an exploration of things that make me happy. I always find myself drawn to the human form. I particularly like dancers. I find that dancers use their bodies to express emotion and I feel artists use their medium to express their emotions. I how each movement translates into my art.  I am heavily influenced by painters from the early 20th century. My favorite artists include Mary Cassatt, Renior, and Morisot. The uses of color and light to create a mood, brush strokes and imagery have captivated me since studying them in college.

Other things that have really influenced my art is being a mother. I have three amazing kids, which I featured in my art, set of twins and a little guy. I decided recently to start creating things again to prove to myself and my kids that you can do anything at any age. I have not made much art since college until January of 2019. I just kept pushing down this need to make or create things, paintings and drawings, until one day I picked up my brushes and away I went.
I have been pushing myself to create free open strokes and color to create forms. I tend to focus on the light falls on objects. Each piece of art that I have created is an extension of my interests and family. I find that my art is full of figures. I think that I am most captivated by the human form. I believe that the human form tells all kinds of stories, and I find that figures dominate my work.
Thank you for viewing my art and coming along with my journey. I really put my heart into every painting or drawing I created.
Erin Avila-Vissers
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Noted achievements:
Published Art Metals in Student Publication of Art department, Illuminations. Numerous pieces exhibited in Student Exhibition of the Art Department