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About the Artist

Featuring Art from Sarah Braden

Sarah Braden was born in Phoenix Az, and grew up in rural Wisconsin. She graduated with her BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2007. From 2007- 2010 Braden exhibited her paintings, and mixed media collages at cafes, galleries, group art exhibitions, and fundraising auctions. In 2012 Braden moved to Chicago and has been compiling a new body of  Collages and paintings since. In the fall of 2015 Sarah left the corporate world to pursue fine art, and her work has evolved quickly since then. She is inspired and influenced by the action painters of the Abstract Expressionist movement in the mid 20th century, and the collage artists of the dada and pop art movements in the same time period. Sarah is a visual artist living and working in Chicago. 

In much of Braden's recent work she experiments with thin layers of  watercolor, acrylic, and water based materials. She mixes paint, ink, and dye of different consistency to create organic fields of colorful chemical reactions and effects. According to Sarah, a large part of the process is letting go of control, and giving way to the flow of the paint. Often unsatisfied with the first layer, after it has dried Sarah will add another thin transparent layer on to the paintings creating depth, and changing the composition. To Sarah the challenge with this type of work is finding the balance between controlling the mediums and reactions of of the pigments through traditional methods, and completely letting go to let the organic shapes form through gravity and their own reactions. “The flow is beautiful, I don’t want to ruin it by overworking the composition, knowing when to walk away is the hardest part.” Braden is consistently inspired by the beauty of nature, and the vastness of this universe. Many of her subjects reflect this inspiration since the liquid effects can be reminiscent of aerial perspective landscapes, other worlds, space, dreamscapes, and fantasy dimensions.

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