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Featuring Art from Lindsey Salzwedel: Expressively You Art  


Owls are beautiful, mysterious, intriguing, fierce, spooky and cute with their super tuned-in senses. 

I’ve been told I am a wise, old soul so I acquaint it as my spirit animal.  The combination of text and imagery helps penetrate the subconscious mind to create change; however, the text on the frames is removable and any words can be added for personalization.  

The mission of my art business, Expressively You, LLC is to create not only beautiful art but to add value and meaning to the viewer in their daily life.  It is my hope that these canvas prints from my “Affirming Owl” series will INSPIRE you to ask the universe what you need and be open to resources for more trust, health, creativity, and peace.  

See the “2020 Affirming Owl” calendar to see the complete series of the twelve owls. If an image speaks to you take a business card and note the title on the tag of the frame or title and send me an email.

The Twelve Owls Include: Celebration, Connectivity, Trusting, Health, Creativity, Balance, Peace, Awareness, Success, Abundance, Gratitude, and Optimism.

More custom portrait art can be commissioned including pets and kids on canvas, as well as ornaments so pick up a business card for more information.  

Lindsey Salzwedel

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 Affirming Owl | Exhibit Description

-Owls can pinpoint the location of sounds in multiple dimensions because of their asymmetrical ears located at different heights on the owl’s head. There’s no sneaking up on an owl.
-Owls can turn their heads around almost all the way, but not quite like ‘The Exorcist.’ Owls can rotate their necks 135 degrees in either direction, which gives them 270 degrees of total movement without cutting off blood to their brain.
-Owls are far-sighted and can spot prey from yards away.
But up close, everything is blurry, and they depend on small, hair-like feathers on their beaks and feet to feel their food.

Take flight this year with twelve wise souls coaching you to affirm the vision of a more confident, present, and inspired Expressively You.  Each expressive owl will share affirmations to implement daily growth in areas like:Celebration, Connection, Trust, Health, Creativity, Balance, Peace, Awareness, Success, Abundance, Gratitude

Owls are mystical with their all-knowing eyes, upright stance, binocular vision, and nocturnal, solitary lifestyle.  There are over 200 specifies found in almost all the regions of the