About the Artist


                           Featuring The Art of Wyatt Jackson Mulroe

Born in Madison, Wisconsin and raised in the shadow of the city, Wyatt Jackson Mulroe had grown up visiting family in Chicago, but it was Provincetown, Massachusetts that had started not only his hobby but also his passionate lifestyle. He took a class at age nine in Provincetown but was discouraged when the instructor had told him his painting was “incomplete”. For years he had strayed away from the idea of painting until he was a sophomore in high school and was pushed into ‘Drawing and Painting I’ due to a cancellation of another class. Not eager and a little reluctant at first but once he started painting it felt as if he’d been doing it his entire life. After the semester ended he had gone to a crafts store and bought his own supplies; in effect of his new hobby at the time he had transformed his desk from a video game center into a small painting studio.
After almost two years of painting on his own with paintings cluttering his room he had gone to ‘Madison Crafts and Gift Shop’ and rented out a space in the shop to present his art at the age of seventeen. From August 2015 to August 2016 he barely sold enough paintings to pay one month's rent. Onto his next step of the journey Wyatt is moving to Provincetown, Massachusetts, he may not know where he will live, or where he will work, but he does know what he will paint.